It’s An Ordinary Blog on Vacation! Part 2: B Resort in Orlando Florida #IAOBVacation2014 #BResortOrlando

Hello, Friends!

As you might remember, I’ve struggled to get back into the blogging world over the last few months. I’ve been sitting on several posts that highlight some of the wonderful parts of our journey to Florida. In case you missed the first post (or forgot because it’s been so long), you can find my post about Sarasota, Florida here. Go ahead, I’ll wait until you come back (I need to get some chocolate water anyway).

Orlando “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas 2014 anymore”. 

Obviously we’ve settled nicely into 2015 at this point but the not too distant memory of 2014 should still be fresh on our minds. As we gear up for Summer and think about travel with family, the memories from my late 2014 vacation are still very fresh in my mind. I wrote previously about what happened at the tail end of our vacation which has made it hard to revisit. Prior to that point; however, our vacation was fantastic and I’m really excited to share some of those memories with you.


Walt Disney World has been (and likely always will be) a classic family vacation spot. Every time I visit the parks, I enjoy a new and magical experience. It’s a place we enjoy going because there’s something for everyone. My daughter can dress up and pose for pictures with her favorite characters and the adults can Disneybound. All of that magic, however, comes at a cost. There are some expenses that are unavoidable (park tickets) so one of the things that I recommend when planning your WDW trip is to explore all of your options and plan ahead to make Disney work no matter what kind of budget you’re working with.

One of the best ways to save on your Disney trip (and what we did) is to consider your hotel options. Our hotel, the B Resort in Orlando, is a relative newcomer to the competitive Orlando hotel landscape and offers many of the benefits of staying at a Disney resort while delivering more bang for your buck.

The B Resort is located on Disney property within a stone’s throw to Downtown Disney which gave us great dining, shopping, and nightlife options the day before and after we visited the park. The on-site amenities such as the pool, lounge for families, spa, and restaurant were wonderful options for times when we felt Downtown Disney might be too packed.

The resort offers daily complimentary shuttle service to and from each of the theme parks. This is a great alternative to staying off site and paying for parking each day. If you’re booking a trip and plan to utilize this service – I would suggest mapping out your day in advance (maybe that’s a little too “Type A” for you, I don’t know…) so that you’re still able to make it to the parks when the gates open (if that’s your thing).


There are lots of places you can stay while vacationing that offer a comfortable bed to sleep in, fresh linens, and a great view but where B Resort really stands out is with the amenities they provide to guests. The zero entry pool is a great option for families with young swimmers. The outdoor space provided for a peaceful area to relax. There is an on-site shop for snacks, ice cream, and coffee as well as a full-service restaurant with one of the best breakfast buffets I’ve had to date. Among the things that stood out to me during my visit was the lounge (pictured above) with video games, seating, foosball, and flat screen televisions that makes for a really cool hangout for adults kids to relax and play together.


By and far the thing I was most impressed with during my stay was the resort’s attention to detail in everything they do. I love (LOVE) when companies are intentional in their brand, their service, and their message and B Resort is the perfect example of that. Their commitment to guests is demonstrated through the exemplary customer service they provide, the care they put into making sure the hotel smells (yes, smells) fresh and comfortable, and the peaceful atmosphere that permeates throughout the lounge.

The hotel lobby is scented and lit to set the tone for a relaxing and peaceful stay. The rooms are well equipped for traveling families and their commitment to the larger community around them is evidenced by their support of local conservation organizations (you can find more details on that here).

We couldn’t have asked for better accommodations than what we had staying at B Resort during our trip to Orlando. Traveling with a little one can be daunting and knowing that we had a nice, relaxing hotel to come back to in the evenings was great. I would encourage you to check out the photos of their guest rooms online. We stayed on a high floor with a balcony and were able to see the fireworks at Epcot from our room at night (which was great since our daughter was sleeping).

I can’t wait to share more about the trip we took coming up on the blog.

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