A Running Diary: Reactions To “The D Train” Movie @TheDTrainMovie

Howdy, Folks!

I want to try something new tonight – – I’m sitting in my pajamas about to pop in a screener DVD of the new film “The D Train”, which is out for limited release NOW (you’ll have to check to see if it’s playing at a theater near you because I’m far too lazy to pull up a list).

Rather than giving you my typical synopsis and brief commentary on the film – I thought it might be fun to change things up a bit by live tweeting my thoughts on the movie as I watch it. You can find me at @AnOrdinaryBlog_ (because someone took ItsAnOrdinaryBlog – like a jerk). Without further adieu – – let’s do this thing.

The D Train

If you’re thinking about hitting the theaters to catch this new film, here are a few things you should know: The movie starts out with a little promise. The lead character (played by Jack Black) heads up the steering committee for his high school reunion while juggling a career and family life. Long story short, he creates an elaborate lie in order to convince an old classmate, who stars in a commercial for Banana Boat (which apparently makes a person famous), to attend the class reunion. Things turn from mildly entertaining to awkward to improbable and sad about an hour into the film where we see the life of a nearly-40 year old spiral out of control. The movie begs the question: How far would you go to plan your 20-year high school reunion?!

Honestly, for me, not far…but the same can’t be said for Jack Black’s character. Overall, the movie was interesting in the same way that watching a train wreck is interesting: You know that what’s coming isn’t going to be pretty but you just can’t look away. I’m not entirely certain what the creators of this movie were trying to accomplish but if awkwardly-entertaining-and-oddly-inappropriate is their thing: Let’s call it a success.

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