#JoyDelivered to YOUR Doorstep! {WIN} $50 to #DoorToDoorOrganics

Happy March, Friends!

The warmer weather here in the KC metro area reminds me that a new season is nearly here and I’m inviting you to SPRING into better eating habits with me this month! You guys, I’ve been bad…really, really bad. Some time ago (last month, don’t judge me), I survived on pizza snacks for nearly three days straight (#kiddingnotkidding) and ultimately had to have a little Come to Jesus chat with myself about both the example I am setting for my 5 year old as well as the impacts that proper diet (and exercise – *sigh*) can have on your overall health.

I’ve always ENJOYED healthy foods, that wasn’t the problem, but I was struggling (big time) with the “convenience” of the junk in my freezer. NOT ANYMORE (ignore the Thin Mints in my freezer) or at least not OFTEN anymore. I’ve discovered what it means to have #JoyDelivered to my DOORSTEP every single week. This JOY comes in the form of healthy, fresh, organic produce and quality foods boxed up from Door To Door Organics each week and, you guys, I am SO THRILLED to be able to offer one of YOU $50.00 to try it out for yourself. Take a look…


Setting up my new account with Door to Door Organics was fast and easy. Their website is very user friendly (read: just about anyone can navigate through with ease) and I immediately felt comfortable making changes to my subscription, adding on pantry items, and getting ridiculously excited for my weekly order. The very first thing that I did (and you’ll need to do) was made sure that my home address is located in a delivery area (spoiler alert: it is). Go check to see if your zip code is, I’ll wait…

Screenshot 2016-03-03 00.28.44

FUN FACT: Save $10 on your first box using the code KCBlog16

Once my account was set up, I spent time going through all of my options for delivery. In addition to the box of produce (I’ve ordered both the “bitty” and the “small” boxes) that comes with my subscription, I’ve also been ordering some awesome foods I never realized I could have dropped off at my doorstep. I’ve been ordering breakfast items, frozen foods, and items from the bakery as well. I hopped into my local supermarket to compare the prices of some of the foods I got in my first box and they were fairly consistent with what Door to Door Organics charges for the same items. Take a look at what I got in my first box (it was really two boxes…double the FUN!):


My first order included a SMALL mixed box and, as you can see, it had quite a bit of food. I’ve since dropped down to a bitty box which is still enough for a couple of eaters. I’m almost afraid to admit this but, before this experience with Door To Door Organics, I’d never had FRESH mango before but now I’m hooked (and so is Charlotte). My favorite thing about this particular subscription is that if there’s ever an item in your weekly (or bi-weekly, or however often you choose to get delivery) box that you don’t care for or have enough of already, you can swap it out for something else. I used ALL five of my available swaps last week so that I could load up on some of my favorite fruits and veggies at home.

You can also set preferences so that your box will never contain foods that you either can’t or elect not to eat (like corn & grapefruit – YUCK). On the flip side (I really wanted to say “conversely” here but decided against it), you can tell Door to Door Organics what you REALLY like and they’ll do their best to incorporate it for you (I’ve had bananas and lemon delivered every week).


Now for the fun part…Once you’ve made adjustments to your order, added on anything that you’re needing for the upcoming week, and are satisfied with your choices (or it’s midnight the night before your delivery date), you get to experience the joy of WAITING. The anticipation is actually pretty exciting – I REALLY love when things are delivered to me (it’s like *magic*). I may or may not have (okay, I did) squealed with delight when the box arrived at my house.

12814182_694381847546_3809464856905282717_n (1)

{This was just HALF of my first delivery from #DoorToDoorOrganics}

I could (literally) go on and on about how much I appreciate and value the delicious produce and other groceries that I’ve gotten so far from DTDO but I’m getting a little wordy here so let’s jump right into the giveaway and then I’ll share more next week when I announce a winner – Sound good?! Good!

I have, in my {electronic} possession FIFTY Door To Door Organics BUCKAROOS to give away right here on It’s An Ordinary Blog and I really want you to WIN!

To get in on the action, head on over to my FACEBOOK page and drop me a COMMENT on THIS POST telling me what YOU would like best about having this service. You can get a BONUS entry by doing the same on my INSTAGRAM post linked HERE.

I’ll randomly draw ONE winner on March 10th ((comments will be accepted through 11:59pm CST on 3/9/16)) and will announce RIGHT HERE on the BLOG! Stay tuned and, as always, may the odds be EVER in YOUR favor! Good luck!

1 thought on “#JoyDelivered to YOUR Doorstep! {WIN} $50 to #DoorToDoorOrganics”

  1. I think I’m enjoying cooking more these days when I am using recipes that include fresh fruits and vegetables. Healthy eating can be so much fun when you are creative.

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