BE(ing) the Change

I’m the type of person who (sometimes) (often), hours after hearing a joke, will laugh at it when I’m all alone in the middle of the night. I’m not even kidding. It’s so bad. So I guess it’s not entirely surprising that it just occurred to me what “Be The Change” is really all about. We are movers. We are shakers. We have the talent and the gusto to do big things in the world and yet when it comes to the problems and difficulties that surround is in our everyday lives, most of us are totally and painfully complacent.

Why is that?!

Fill in the blank:

I wish I could _____________________________________ right now.


I wish I had __________________________________________________.


I wish _________________________________ would _____________________________ for ___________________ _______________________ _____________________________ __________________.

The last one was a joke (but props to you if you made it work).

We get busy, right? With work, and projects, and volunteer work, and trying to find the time to socialize, etc, etc, etc…that we end up with a long wish list of things that we wish were different in our lives.

I wish that my house was cleaner.

I wish that I had more money in my bank account.

I wish that I had more time to spend with the people that I love.

I wish I wish I wish I wish I wish….

But I wouldn’t have to wish so much if I would just do.

That’s what it means.

Yes, I’m also aware that it means that we need to be the change in the world but we also need to be the change for OURSELVES.

nothing is going to change

Stop sitting on the couch wondering why your life sucks all the while doing nothing to change it. BE THE CHANGE.

Stop wondering why you’re having trouble meeting new friends while you stay in your own little bubble and refuse to venture out. BE THE CHANGE.

Stop wishing that you can drop the weight while you continue to have the same bad food habits you’ve always had. BE THE CHANGE.

You are more powerful, more wonderful, more amazing than you even realize and your ability to do big things is so big. Be that change you’re so desperately hoping for in this life.

because I promise you this…

NOTHING in your life will change unless you do.

Be the change.





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