Life Lessons: 2019 Edition

Oh, New Year’s. What a time to celebrate.

Sleep eludes me once again. This is not an uncommon thing for me lately, it tends to happen when my brain is busy navigating through the realities of life. Only tonight is a little different because the rest of the world (or my corner of it) is awake with me ushering in a new decade.

I thought I’d put my thoughts to paper, erm, keyboard and share some of the lessons I’ve come to realize over this past year. Some of these things that I’ve come to understand as true are good, some are bad, and some are ugly…but all of them, I believe, are lessons that are imperative to my growth as a human being and I hope that in sharing them you’ll find some growth, too.

Please understand that I’m still very much learning and expanding on each of these takeaways myself. I am not a perfect person and I don’t claim to have all of the answers. What I do know is that I’m trying every single day to gain a better understanding of myself and the world around me so that I can appreciate and enjoy this experience as much as possible.

I plan to go through and elaborate on each of these lessons in subsequent posts. For tonight, I wanted to simply get them out there. You can watch for more later. Without further adieu, I present to you…

Life Lessons: 2019 Edition

Lesson #1– The Only Love That You are Entitled to Is the Love You Give Yourself.

Lesson #2– The Only Attention That You’re Entitled to is the Attention You Pay Yourself.

Lesson #3– Just Because You Think It, Doesn’t Make it Truth.

Lesson #4– You Aren’t Owed an Answer or Explanation.

Lesson #5– Some People Don’t Actually Care About a Solution, They Just Want the Problem.

Lesson #6– Just Because You Care About Something, Doesn’t Mean that Other People Do.

Lesson #7– You Are Not Owed Affection.

Lesson #8– It’s Okay to Not Have the Answers.

Lesson #9– Life Is Not Complicated, People Are.

Lesson #10– It’s Okay to Still Be Learning How to Navigate Your Way Through Emotions.

Lesson #11– You Are Responsible for the Way You Impact Other People.

Lesson #12– You Are Also Responsible for Your Reactions.

Lesson #13– Life is Short. Even When It Seems Long, It’s Short.

Lesson #14– Sometimes People Change. Understand that.

Lesson #15- Sometimes People Don’t Change. Understand that, too.

Lesson #16- Changing Your Mind Doesn’t Make You a Failure.

Lesson #17- There’s So Much Beauty to Be Seen in the World. Just Open Your Eyes.

Lesson #18- There’s So Much Beauty Within YOU. Don’t Be Afraid to Show It.

Lesson #19– At the End of The Day, All That Matters is Love.

Lesson #20– Someone Else’s Opinion of You Doesn’t Define You.

That’s all for tonight.

Happy New Year.


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