Why, Hello There!


Overly analytical self-professed chocoholic who enjoys nouns & sarcasm.

Tea drinking traveler, philanthropist, social media junkie, writer, and (most importantly) mommy to one phenomenal little one who was born in 2011. I am a Midwestern transplant who relocated to Kansas City after college where we currently live with my furry companion Oliver, a quirky labradoodle we’ve had since 2018. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I’m fortunate enough that it’s also something I get to do each day. I believe in honesty, integrity, Eskimo kisses, warm tea on cold nights, game nights, and snuggling up under a blanket beneath the stars. I believe there is a “Dumb and Dumber” quote for every situation in life. I’m Holli and it’s very nice to meet you.

I hope you’ll stick around and get to know me – I always appreciate connecting with my readers, so please feel free to join me on Facebook or reach out to me by email anytime.


Allow me to introduce my favorite person, C. She came into this world in 2011 and changed my life forever. She’s a smart, funny, amazing little girl. She’s learning and growing and she always keeps me on my toes. She enjoys singing, puzzles, reading, yelling at the dog (the poor dog), and hanging out with mommy. She can never decide whether her favorite color is pink or teal and she’s obsessed with dancing, Star Wars, and hanging out with me. I’m sure by the time I get around to updating this again, her favorite activities, colors, and movies will have changed (big shocker there with kids) but one thing will always remain the same: She is my wonderful child and I love her.

Meet The Dog

Why, yes, that is an annoying “selfie” of me and my dog. Thanks for noticing. Meet Winnie. She’s been a member of the pack since 2006. She is an incontinent Cocker Spaniel who enjoys begging for table scraps, barking at the air, and snuggling. She is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever met and my daughter adores her which almost makes up for the fact that she’s terribly gassy.  UPDATE- I debated whether or not I should delete this section about Winnie when I updated my blog…but, no, I’m going to leave it to honor her beautiful life with us. Winnie passed away in November 2019. She was such a special part of my life as I grew into the person I am today. Thanks for the memories, sweet girl.


This is Oliver. And I’m not even kidding that is a real, un-edited photo of him. I assume in that exact moment he was realizing that I’d accidentally left one of my leather ankle boots on the floor for him to chew on. He’s a rambunctious dog who loves fetch, chilling with his homies (us), and barking at himself in the mirror. We are smitten.

10 thoughts on “Why, Hello There!”

  1. Great family you have! It is nice to learn about the people behind the posts, as both authors and inspiration!

  2. You have a beautiful family. I love the name of your newest family member Catness! nickname cuteness!

  3. *waves* From one sarcastic chocoholic mother to another, ello! 😉 (I like leaving the “h” off the past few days. Don’t ask why because I have no idea.”

    1. Because you decided to be British, duh! 🙂 I like to leave the “h” off in “happy birthday” and add a “mate” at the end because I like pretending that I’m a pirate.

  4. Thanks for sharing more about you and your family with us! Your daughter is adorable and I love that all your husband’s fav. movies are from the good ‘ol days! And of course, pets are always great for a good laugh and snuggle!

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