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Join Me For Rugged Maniac 2014 (Discount & Giveaway Inside!)

For over a year now, it’s been a goal of mine to complete a 5k obstacle course (mud run) so for my birthday last year, I asked for an entry into this year’s Rugged Maniac in Kansas City. I was elated to discover a note from my husband in my birthday card telling me that I would be participating in the event in 2014. Fast forward several months and we’re rapidly approaching go time! Even though I’m no where near “ready” (athletically speaking) for the race, I’m still going to get out there and enjoy the afternoon. With great friends (and amazing readers) to complete it with, I’m sure it’ll be a blast.

Rugged Maniac

I’m so excited to participate that I wanted to invite ALL of YOU to join me in the fun and my friends over at Rugged Maniac want to offer It’s An Ordinary Blog readers a generous 25% discount when you sign up this week! In addition, they’ve provided me with two FREE Rugged Maniac race entries to giveaway to a couple of very lucky readers so you can join me in the fun!

Rugged ManiacYour 2014 Rugged Maniac race entry includes:

  • The opportunity to hang out with me for a couple of hours, let’s get dirty together!
  • 25 FUN obstacles including a massive 50′ slide, underground tunnels, and fire.
  • An Awesome Rugged Maniac Shirt
  • Professional Race Photos
  • A Beer (Ages 21+)
  • The opportunity to have a near death experience (just kidding!).

Rugged Maniac

Online registration for this event closes one week from today and the race is scheduled for Saturday August 9th, 2014 at the Snow Creek Ski Area in Weston, MO. In order to take advantage of the 25% discount offered exclusively to It’s An Ordinary Blog readers, simply enter the code: OrdinaryBlog14 at checkout.

Rugged Maniac

TWO lucky readers will be joining me for FREE! To enter, leave a comment on this blog post telling me what obstacle you’re most excited about. You can earn an additional entry by heading over to the It’s An Ordinary Blog Facebook page and commenting on my Rugged Maniac post! I will randomly draw two winners on Thursday morning at 10:00am CST. As always, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Rugged Maniac

Rugged Maniac Kansas City

Saturday August 9th, 2014

Sign Up Today By Visiting The Rugged Maniac Website


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Welcome To Kansas City, Welcome Home!

I am a military brat so, naturally, I’ve lived in my fair share of places throughout the years. It wasn’t until after college that I found myself really searching for a place to call “home”. I’ve been in Kansas City for seven years now, and so much of my (adult) life has happened since I’ve been here that I truly feel like it’s a place I can call my own. I absolutely love life in Kansas City. Our town has so much to offer and it’s great mid-way stopping point for almost anywhere you want to travel across the country (at least that’s what I tell my friends when I’m trying to encourage them to visit).

I haven’t always felt this way about my city. The first year that I lived here, I was confident that KC was just a stepping stone to another place (Alaska? Ireland? Maine? Colorado?). Looking back, I suppose that was the military child in me who was used to being stationed somewhere different every few years. Part of the issue, though, was that I never made the effort to really explore what Kansas City has to offer. In the six years since, I think I’ve done a pretty good job at trying new things throughout the metro area and it’s really given me a deep respect for this town. My friends over at RelayRides recently asked me to share what I think some of the best “hidden gems” are here in Kansas City. In case you’re unfamiliar, RelayRides is a peer-to-peer car sharing network that connects travelers who are in need of rental cars with owners who are looking to put their otherwise idle vehicles to good use.

I spent a few minutes browsing through the listings here in Kansas City and compared them to what you might find booking through a big box car rental company. If you find yourself in need of a vehicle here in KC, be sure to check them out before your visit and, while you’re here, check out some of my favorite spots:

The Historic City Market

City Market

Located in downtown Kansas City, The City Market has a lot to offer residents and guests alike. From their great casual dining options and the weekend market that features local farmers and unique vendors to the family friendly entertainment available in the area, The City Market is truly special.

A few years ago, through my membership with The Junior League of Kansas City, Missouri, I had the opportunity to take a behind the scenes look at how the year round farmer’s market works and absolutely fell in love. With a focus on sustainability, supporting the local economy, and encouraging Kansas City to be healthier, the farmer’s market is a great way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning. While you’re there, grab a cup of coffee from City Market Coffeehouse or a pastry from Bloom Baking Co for breakfast and stop by Al Habashi Market for some Middle Eastern treats before you head home with your fresh, locally grown produce.


Westport Kansas City

Kansas City boasts a fairly broad nightlife scene which is sure to please just about anyone. Younger millennials who enjoy dancing, loud music, and overpriced drinks served in plastic cups will undoubtedly enjoy everything that Kansas City’s Power & Light District has to offer (“Yay! Shark Bar!!!”). The rest of us, the ones who enjoy a more down-to-Earth atmosphere, will find Westport to be a much more suitable option for an evening out.

From Blanc Burgers + Bottles (When you go, order the truffle fries, trust me) to Beer Kitchen there is an abundance of dining options in the area each of which provides incredible food and a wide selection of craft beers on tap. If you’re feeling particularly energetic in the morning, Beer Kitchen serves brunch on the weekends beginning at 9:00am. Included on their menu are items such as drunken donuts, green eggs and ham, and red velvet waffles. The drunken donuts alone are worth getting up early for (because we all know anything before 11:00 on the weekends is early).

Historic Small Town Downtowns (Liberty & Independence)

It's An Ordinary Blog

Travelers staying in Kansas City might not realize how much history the area has and, although places like the Negro League Baseball Museum and the Jazz Museum are wonderful, the small downtown areas of Independence, MO and Liberty, MO are often overlooked by tourists. Both places, which are relatively equidistant from the heart of Kansas City, are rich in history and have nice downtown areas to explore. As United States History nerd, I particularly enjoy the connection between President Harry Truman and his hometown of Independence.  With the Truman Library and the Truman Home nearby, there is a lot of opportunity to learn while you’re visiting.

While exploring downtown Independence, MO a few months ago, we had the opportunity to eat lunch at a little place called Up Dog on the Square. Of particular note during our lunch was their Peanut Butter Bacon Dog, which we felt adventurous enough to split between our group. I won’t deny…it was actually really good.

These are just a few of my favorite lesser known places here in Kansas City but our town has so much more to offer. Even though I’ve been here for seven years, I feel like I discover new places and fall in love with KC again and again all the time.  The heart of the Midwest is my home and I hope that you all love it as much as I do.

Kansas City

You’re Invited To A Junior Viking Party @AlamoKC


Hello, hello, hello and happy almost Friday! If you’ve been following along with my blog for a while, you’ve probably caught on to the fact that I love our local Alamo Drafthouse here in Kansas City (remember that awesome Cartoon Cereal Party I invited you to a while back?!). Well…my friends over at the Alamo have another special event going on THIS Sunday in honor of the release of “How To Train Your Dragon 2”. Oh, you weren’t aware that Dream Works was releasing that this weekend?! Here’s a trailer for your enjoyment, you’re welcome (make sure you come back for the rest of the post when you’re done).

Like any good dragon keeper knows, working with your Vikings is the first step in dragon training (actually, I just made that up…I have about zero experience in dragon training). Thankfully, the folks over at Alamo are hosting a workshop (of sorts, just play along, okay?!) for the Viking in your life this weekend. Your little dragon trainers (ages 3 and up) are invited to get fired up with Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet at the Junior Viking party before storming the theater for the 3:00pm showing of “How To Train Your Dragon 2”.

Young Vikings will participate in a variety of fun activities including themed-games, dragon face painting (awesome!), and even an inflatable sword fight (I’m betting on my three year old, she’s hard core). Your Junior Viking will go home with a helmet, an inflatable sword, and a chicken leg at the event. Are you excited yet?! You should be! Consider this your official invitation:

How To Train Your Vikings

WHEN: Sunday, June 15, 2014; Viking activities begin at 2:30pm; Movie begins at 3pm

WHERE: Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet – 1400 Main St. Kansas City, MO 64108

COST: $15; For tickets, please visit

I hope to see each of your smiling faces at this awesome event on Sunday! You can connect with Alamo Drafthouse online, on Facebook, and on Twitter anytime to keep up to date with all of their special events.

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You’re Invited To A Cartoon Cereal Party!


Who is your all time favorite super hero?! Is it Captain America? Thor? Iron Man? The Incredible Hulk? Spiderman?

If you have fond memories from your childhood, like I do, of watching cartoons on a Saturday morning eating a massive bowl of cereal, you’re going to love the special event that’s taking place this weekend over at Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City. They’re hosting a cartoon cereal party featuring two non-stop, action packed hours of classic marvel cartoons. Awesome, right?! Your ticket not only grants you access to this super fun event but you will also enjoy an unlimited cereal bar while you’re there.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re likely aware of the super fun movies coming out this year featuring our favorite superheroes. What better way to celebrate them and kick off summer than some time at Alamo. Since we’re all adults and nobody likes to get up at 6:00 in the morning to watch cartoons anymore, this event starts at noon. For more information on how you can get in on the action, head on over to the Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City website.

Hope you can join me this Saturday! I’ll be the one picking out all of the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms because, after all, that’s the best part! See you there!


BULLPEN BULLETIN: Greetings true believers, face front! Here’s a whole kaboodle of news straight from your bullpen to you!  Many keepers of the faith have asked us to “Make mine Marvel!” and we’ve heard you loud and clear! So we’re bringing an all-new Saturday morning, senses-staggering, sugary-sensation to a screen near you!

As you read these imperishable words our mighty Marvel team is hard at work compiling the greatest works of Marveldom ever assembled. Buckle your seatbelt brother, we’ve got two hours of uncanny cartoon superheroics in store for you. Even the airwaves must quiver in awe!

And you won’t believe it – even WE can hardly believe it – but we’ve also got an all-you-can-eat sugary cereal bar for you to Hulk out on. This ain’t Brand Echh! This is the real deal!

Y’know something gang – we really think you’ll dig this. Don’t be an Irving Forbush, get your tickets now! And if you go above beyond, offering meritorious service to the cause of Marveldom, we may even have a No Prize for you! Nuff said!


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Let’s Talk About Freezer Meals

As I sit here wondering what on Earth I’m going to prepare for dinner tonight (breakfast? salad? pizza?), I’m reminded of how much I loved the freezer meal workshop I hosted a few months ago at my house (and how much I can’t wait for my next one over the summer).  The whole concept of preparing healthy meals in advance has always been something that I, in theory, have really always loved.  In practice, however, I find that I’m really bad about taking the time to sit down, plan out every meal that would actually work in the freezer, find the recipes, print them out, prepare the food, blah blah blah blah blah.  If you’re anything like me, just reading that last sentence overwhelms you a little bit (okay, a lot) but that’s exactly why I love what Wildtree has to offer.  The entire process, from start to finish, of a freezer meal workshop with them only takes a few hours.  That includes the time you’ll spend at the grocery store (with a prepared list- thank you 8 pound 6 ounce baby Jesus) and the time you’ll spend putting it all together for your freezer.  There’s no guess work, which is good for me.

I enjoyed the workshop I hosted and the few weeks of dinners that came from it so much that I wanted to share my thoughts on the product with all of you (you’re welcome).  So I asked my friend Jenny (I feel like we’re friends now, I mean we have made like over 10 meals together ;)) to send me some details about Wildtree to share with all of you. Take a look:


When I hosted my freezer meal workshop, there were four other adults (including Jenny) in my kitchen. It was pretty intimate (read: small space) but I really enjoyed the whole feeling of community in preparing the meals.  It truly was a fun couple of hours making jokes, talking about the food, and enjoying the company of my guests.  The fact that we each went home with healthy, prepared meals and enough product to replicate most of the recipes at least once was an added bonus to the fun.

Also, I kind of felt pretty bad ass for the next couple of weeks after my workshop.  I was able to prepare really delicious, healthy, amazing meals for my husband and none of it was the usual thrown together stuff I do on a regular basis.  I’ll admit, I was all like “Move over, June Cleaver!”  That is, until my freezer meals ran out and I realized that maybe I’m not really the perfect 1950’s housewife…but it was fun to pretend for a few weeks.

wildtree review

If you’re interested in hosting your own Wildtree workshop (which I highly recommend) and are in the Kansas City metro area, I’m sure Jenny Pickett would LOVE your business! You find her online anytime though this website or by phone at (816) 785-2004.

*This is NOT a sponsored post- I enjoyed my experience so much with Wildtree that I wanted to share it with each of you.

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Timeless Classic Comes To Life On the Big Screen @AlamoKC This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and, with each passing year, I find myself reflecting on the wonderful memories created in my own childhood.  My love for television and movies is something that was instilled in me from an early age and some of the most treasured moments in my past involve the big screen.  I remember looking forward to watching “The Wizard of Oz” with my mother each year growing up and when my husband and I made the decision to start a family of our own, I knew that I would one day have the privilege of introducing the timeless classic to my children throughout the years.


Enjoyed by generations throughout the years, “The Wizard of Oz” is an incredible film that teaches children that you can get through just about anything with loved ones by your side.  This Mother’s Day, our friends over at the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City will be hosting a dinner showing of this classic film for families with children six years and older.  In case you’ve never been, the Alamo Drafthouse is a great place to take in a movie and enjoy a great meal all in a comfortable environment.

Reserved tickets for this special showing can be purchased online at the Alamo Drafthouse Kansas City website for only $11.50 including validated parking in the H&R Block garage across the street.  Hope to see you there!

Kansas City

“Blended” Advanced Screening Ticket GIVEAWAY!


For more than a decade, we’ve watched Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler play characters that fall in love on the big screen.  From “The Wedding Singer” to “50 First Dates”, the duo dazzles audiences time and time again with each romantic comedy that hits the big screen.  The upcoming release of “Blended”, which is slated for wide release on Friday May 23rd, looks to fall in line with its predecessors.  The film follows the story of two single parents who, after a disastrous blind date, inadvertently each sign up for a family vacation with their children only to discover that the other is also staying in the suit at the resort.  Barrymore and Sandler will undoubtedly make moviegoers fall in love with the characters.

This film, which is rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content as well as language, also stars Joel McHale (“Community”), Wendi McLendon-Covey (“Bridesmaids”), Kevin Nealon (“Weeds”), and Jessica Lowe (“RobotDown”).  You can discover more about this film by visiting the Blended Movie website.

I am thrilled to announce that I am giving away family 4 pack advance screening passes for Blended.  This special screening gives you access to the film before it’s available to the public. The screening will take place on Thursday, May 15th at 7:30pm at AMC Independence Commons in Independence, Missouri.  All winners will be randomly drawn and contacted by GOFOBO on May 12th.  Should you have problems or questions, please contacted GOFOBO directly at: (866) 372-0272 or  To sign up for your advanced screening passes, follow this link:

One again, for good measure, enter to win your 4 pack of screening passes through this link. Good luck and, as always, may the odds be ever in your favor!


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Join Me For The Color Run!

The Happiest 5k on the Planet

I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in the Happiest 5k on the Planet this may! The Color Run is coming to Kansas City on May 31st and I am thrilled to be a participant in this year’s race and to have the opportunity to share a discount code so that you can register, too! These events are a great way to get out and enjoy a healthy activity with thousands of metro area residents. One of the things I love most about The Color Run is their focus on celebrating healthiness, happiness, and individuality. At the race you’ll find seasoned runners, power walkers, people who want to enjoy their 5k at a leisure pace, and many people in between. I fall somewhere in between.

5k Magic

This year, The Color Run is doing things just a little bit different with the 2014 Kaleidoscope Tour! With new t-shirts, new headbands, new wristbands, AND awesome sling bags for EVERYONE that is registered. All of that, combined with great race attractions and fun music, The Color Run is sure to be an event that everyone will enjoy (relax, it’s only 3.2 miles, you can do it!).

The Color Run Magical Bracelet



I just love the design of the new gear The Color Run rolled out this year especially this fun 2014 bracelet which, apparently, has magical properties known to promote super powers (maybe it’ll help me run faster?). Fantastic.

Color Run Discount

Ready to join in on the fun? Register through The Color Run website at:, take a look at their newly redesigned website (it’s awesome), and type in the code COLOR5OFF for your discounted race registration!

The Color Run

Who’s ready to get colorful with me?!



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Staycation All I Ever Wanted: Kansas City’s GRAMMY Music Experience

If you’re like me, as Kansas City begins its descent into cooler weather, you’ll be looking indoors for activities to escape the Winter cold. GRAMMY Museum Experience, located inside Sprint Center in Kansas City, offers a musical adventure for kids and adults of all ages. I recently had the opportunity to spend some time touring the GRAMMY Museum and found it to be a unique and wonderful early afternoon spent downtown.

Upon entering the facility, guests are invited to become part of the band. No auditions necessary. Each station is set up with its own individual headset so that the musician can hear his or her own talent (or lack thereof) while at play. This stage, which features various instruments and a vocal station, is the perfect opportunity for people to explore. I imagine that it’s especially useful for students who think they might be interested in playing in an actual band later on down the road. One thing I learned during band practice? I probably shouldn’t quit my day job…unless, of course, someone wants to offer me a job singing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” or “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” for a room full of toddlers.

As visitors continue to navigate through the experience, they’ll find themselves feeling rather groovy as they’re encouraged to take part in dance lessons from one of the two major music legends of the 20th century. This interactive area comes complete with bright lights in alternating colors that create a fun, playful atmosphere within the GRAMMY Museum Experience. Even though I was the only person in the room at the time (thanks for the special tour, GME!) I still didn’t muster up the courage to dance on the floor.

Also available within the experience is an abundance of information detailing Kansas City’s rich history with music, a timeline of the Grammy’s in America, and an incredible opportunity to witness how modern day hip hop has been influenced by performers in decades past. Guests will be blown away by the connections between modern music and musicians who paved the way in America. Additionally, visitors have the opportunity to listen to tracks of by artists who put meaning behind their lyrics. I personally appreciated being witness to the meaning behind the words, it’s something I enjoy most in music.

After dropping a beat at one of the mix stations available within the GRAMMY Museum Experience, guests will have the opportunity to take a peek at some amazing artifacts from their favorite musicians. Including costumes worn on stage, instruments, and awards. All in all, the GRAMMY Museum Experience offers a mix of education and fun right in the heart of Kansas City.

One of the best ways I recommend enjoying this experience is to grab a ticket to Rock The Line, offered at select Sprint Center events, which includes access to the GRAMMY Museum Experience, red carpet fun, and a spot at the front of the line during your favorite concert or event. For more information or to purchase tickets, head on over to the GRAMMY Museum Experience website. Be sure to check them out Sprint Center on Facebook and let them know that It’s An Ordinary Blog sent you.

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It’s Just Pictures: Johnson Family Farms in Belton, MO

I had the opportunity to attend an event at Johnson Family Farms last week in Belton (a small town about forty five minutes from where I live). The morning was hosted by a local magazine and online publication called iFamilyKC (you might remember that I’m blogging for them). You can find my Johnson Family Farms review here but I also wanted to share some pictures that I took while we were there..Enjoy!

Belton MO Events at Johnson Family Farms Flowers at Johnson Family Farms It's An Ordinary Blog Johnson Family Farms 2 Johnson Family farms 3 Johnson Family Farms 4 Johnson Family Farms Belton MO Johnson Family Farms Johnson Farms Belton Johnson Farms in Belton Johnson Farms Kids at Johnson Family Farms in Belton Johnson Family Farms 2 Johnson Family Farms 3 Johnson Family Farms 4 Johnson Family Farms 5 Johnson Family Farms 7 Johnson Family Farms 8 Johnson Family Farms 9 Johnson Family Farms 10 Johnson Family Farms 11 Johnson Family Farms 13 Johnson Family Farms 14