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And The Winner Is…..{INSERT DRUM ROLL}

Happy Sunday, Everyone! I am so thrilled to have been able to host such an incredible giveaway from Rodan + Fields! If you completed the Solution Tool assessment, you should have received an email asking for your mailing address for the free mini facial you’ll be getting. I’d love to know that you think of it so feel free to share your thoughts on the It’s An Ordinary Blog Facebook page. In the meantime, I know you’re all dying to know who the lucky winner of an entire skincare regimen is…Drum roll please…


Congratulations, Angela C!

Thanks, again, to everyone who entered into this fantastic giveaway. I love being able to share great products with each of you. As an extra thank you for your time, Margaret over at R+F has graciously offered to give a free product for any of my readers who want to become preferred customers before the 15th of this month. Here’s what you can select from:

Rodan+FieldsEnhancements          Rodan+FieldsEssentials             Rodan+FieldsUnblemish

Becoming a preferred customer is easy. Your one time membership fee of $19.95 gives you access to 10% off replenishment orders, free shipping, and exclusive flash sales and special member discounts and offers. If you’re already considering an order, it’s definitely worth looking into (especially with the added incentive of a free product).


Margaret sent me the above photo (before and after pictures with each of the four skin care solutions) and I was stunned. So stunned, in fact, that I did a Google search for more and was impressed by the results that so many people seem to have using the Rodan + Fields products. I’m so excited that I was able to share this incredible giveaway with each of you. Thanks, again, for entering and, as always, for your continued support of It’s An Ordinary Blog.

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Mad About It Monday: Facebook Edition

Mad About It Mondays

It’s that time of the week again, where we can all sit back, take a load off, and discuss that thing that’s been raising your blood pressure all week. It’s time for Mad About It Mondays! Don’t forget to link up with me (details at the bottom).

I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Facebook but because I’ve got friends and family across the globe, it makes sense to keep it. Add to that the fact that I am a self-professed Facebook addict without a 12-step recovery program to attend, and I’m hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find certain things irritating. Today, I want to talk about one of those things…combined accounts.

I’ve been Facebook friends with someone for nearly four years and I didn’t realize until yesterday (YESTERDAY!) that he had a combined account with his wife. You might be asking yourself how it is that I didn’t notice that until now…I’m not absent-minded and I pay attention to detail but he was as sneaky as it gets with his account. Most people who account share have something that looks like this:

Person and Person Last Name

Person n’ Person Last Name

Person-Person Last Name

Person~and~Person Last Name

He’s different, though, because I was running under the assumption that the name in between his first and his last on Facebook was his middle name. Because, you know, people have middle names. It wasn’t until he posted a status using her name that I even realized what was going on.

My question is this: Why would you Facebook share? It’s not that hard to get your own account and, guess what, it’s free! I get that sometimes it might be easier to Facebook share when you’ve got pictures of your kids or if you’re an elderly couple who doesn’t really know how to use the internet but certainly you’ve got friends of your own that you’d like to keep in touch with, right?!

What bothers me about combined Facebook accounts is that you’re only able to put one set of information on your account (birthday, gender, education background, etc) so one person always ends up losing their “identity” on Facebook. It’s weird.

Here’s the thing…you want to have a combined account with your significant other? Fine. People might think that’s strange but it’s your prerogative. If you’re going to combine accounts, you should at least let people KNOW that you’ve got one. I’ll step off my soapbox now and give someone else a turn…who’s ready to link up!? Ready….set….GO!

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I Need Your Help!

Now that my blog is almost two months old, I think I should probably have a button but I’m having trouble figuring out what I want it to look like. I’ve come up with three potentials and am wondering if you could help me narrow it down.


It's An Ordinary Blog


It's An Ordinary Blog


It's An Ordinary Blog

What do you think about them? Which is your favorite? Your least favorite? While I like all three I am most torn between numbers 1 and 3. I’ll make a decision on Monday. Until then…