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Toddlerisms: Is My Child Insane?! (And Other Fun Stuff)

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…

So why does my toddler keep asking me for cookies?!

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The Terrific (But Sometimes Terrible) Twos!

$#i!+ Happens

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If I had to use three words to describe the things that have been coming out of my child’s mouth lately they would be…

 | Hilarious | Shocking | Sweet |


C managed to climb into her booster seat as I was preparing dinner. She buckled herself in and then realized she couldn’t get out on her own.

C: “I stuck, honey!”

Me: “What did you just call me?!”

{She looks around for a moment, confused, and pauses before answering}


Another hilarious new habit she’s developed  is tattling. She now tells on my husband and me when either of us do something she doesn’t like (read: told her “no” or sat her in time out). She comes running into the room: “WHAT DID DADDY DO?!”

Prompting me to ask her, “Well, C, what did Daddy do?!”

To which she usually responds by telling me (or my husband) that she wasn’t allowed to have a treat, or that she had to sit in time out. Within the last week or so she started tattling on the dog. Sometimes she even picks fights with the dog just look at us, expecting us to get the dog in trouble. It’s very bizzare.


We don’t usually keep c-o-o-k-i-e-s in the house so on the rare occasion that we actually have some they’re much like the Sirens in the Odyssey calling to her every time she approaches the kitchen. The other day I made the mistake of buying some Famous Amos cookies from Costco and just like the magnets that those little bites of delicious sugary goodness are, they kept drawing her closer and closer. Thankfully, she’s not quite smart enough to know what the bag looks like and so she mistakenly took my Twinning’s English Breakast Tea for cookies. When I corrected her and told her that the little packet was not a cookie she argued with me…for five minutes.

C: “Cookie Mommy!”

Me: “That’s not a cookie, that’s tea.”

C: “No! Cookie!”

When I say that this continued for five minutes…I’m being serious. Five minutes.

Want to know who won the argument?! I’ll give you a hint: it was me.


I’m going to let you in on a little fact secret…I value sleep. A lot. Maybe more than a cat. As you can well imagine, it’s hard to come by with a toddler in the house. That said, my daughter is incredibly sweet. Every time we snuggle together she pats my pack and says, “Shhhh! Mommy, go to sleep.” or “Night, night Mommy. I love you.”

She got a mini pack n’ play for her baby doll for her birthday. Watching her put baby to sleep at night is incredible. It’s the exact script my husband and I follow for C’s bedtime routine.

Step One: Hugs

Step Two: Kisses

Step Three: More hugs (for good measure)

Step Four: Lay child (or doll) in bed

Step Five: Say, “Night, night C! I’ll see you in the morning. Love you!”

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Walking The Line: On Parenting

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As my toddler daughter continues to develop, change, and learn about the world I, too, am growing as a parent. One thing I’ve come to realize over the past few months is that being a parent is really a big balancing act and the future of your child is what’s at stake. One of the toughest things about being a mom is finding that perfect balance between letting your child express their creative individuality and ensuring that they learn the proper boundaries which will help them later on in life. How strict is too strict? How lenient is too lenient?

At two years old, C is constantly on the go. She likes to explore, try new things, and test her limits. I try to give her just enough room to be herself but not enough that she might accidentally get hurt or break the rules we have in the house. But it’s hard, parenting. Sometimes I get frustrated and I raise my voice. Sometimes I lose patience and stick my child in time out when I probably should just sit down and talk to her calmly. Sometimes, okay a lot of times, I feel like a complete jackass. Those are the moments when I realize that we need more balance.

As a mom, I need to understand that my daughter is not perfect. I need to recognize that I’m not perfect.

I need to be okay with that.

I have to learn to take the extra time to help my daughter through a rough moment when we’re out in public instead of offering (sometimes) empty threats of timeout at the store (I have actually had to sit her in time out at Target). I have to recognize that just as I’m learning what it means to parent a toddler my child is learning what it means to be a toddler. I can’t even imagine how difficult that must be for her (it’s probably a good thing that we don’t remember those years) to have this great big world full of challenges and things to explore and to lack the ability to fully express her wants and needs with the people who are responsible for her safety and well-being.

Finding that balance requires me to take a step back, a deep breath, and to look at situations more objectively. To remind myself that my daughter is young and that the moments of frustration she has are only temporary and that it’s my job to help her through them. Being a parent is one of the hardest jobs in the world but it’s definitely one of the most important and it is so, so worth it.

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Hippity Hoppity Easter!

Egg Hunt

Hippity Hoppity Happy Easter!

Beautiful weather, Easter egg decorating, and time with family…could you ask for anything more?!

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An Easter mishap has led to a new tradition in our household. I, ermm, the Easter Bunny forgot to pick up plastic eggs from Target yesterday so I made hardboiled, undecorated, eggs this morning and hid them outside with some fun signs I picked up last year on clearance. While C was laying down this afternoon to rest, the bunny delivered baskets and a fun note letting us know that the eggs were hidden outside. Once we found them we came inside and had fun decorating. Take a look….

Easter Family Traditions

Easter Egg Hunt It's An Ordinary Blog

An Ordinary Blog

Easter Egg Hunt It's An Ordinary Blog

Easter with It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog Easter Egg Hunt

A toodler's Easter

Egg Decorating

Easter Eggs


Toddler Easter

In case you missed my post about C’s Easter basket…you can find it here: Non-Traditional Easter Basket

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The Easter Basket

Do you remember when I asked on Facebook for some Easter gift basket ideas for C?! Well…Here’s the finished product!

Easter Basket Ideas

My husband and I are not big fans of candy ourselves and want to be careful about how much exposure our own daughter has to sugary sweets. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t judge other parents who give their children sweets, it’s just not a choice that we make for our child and, in my opinion, it’s a lot easier to prevent a problem than to try to stop it later on down the road. For that reason, we don’t keep it in the house. One of the biggest sellers on Easter, it seems, is the candy that comes in the eggs and in the baskets that children enjoy each year so for parents who don’t want to give their children sweets, it’s important to find other alternatives for their baskets. Armed with your fabulous ideas and a $25 budget, I went out on a mission for C’s 2013 basket.

Extra Small Heart Box from Target

Rather than spending my money on a basket that will either be thrown out after we use it or that will sit in the closet collecting dust until next year, I wanted to take a more logical approach for our “basket” this year. So I found this adorable Circo XS Heart box at my local Target for under four dollars. It was the perfect size for the goodies I put inside it.

Non Traditional Easter Basket

One of C’s latest obsessions is painting (any kind of craft, really) and so I picked up some blank paper that we can use for quick projects at home. Since it is the tallest/largest item, I placed it in the back of the box.

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddlers

Then I added in an adorable picture frame that I found on clearance for $3.98 and a fun pool toy that we can use in the coming months. We’re getting ready to convert C’s nursery into a big girl room and I thought the picture frame might be the ideal way to have a picture of my husband and I in our daughter’s room (so we can be with her while she sleeps).

Non Traditional Easter Basket Ideas

I had a coupon from Target for $2 off two American Greeting cards and knew I wanted to find the perfect card for C.

Unconventional Easter Basket Ideas

I finished the box with some detangling spray, sidewalk chalk, leg warmers, and an Easter book before adding in the pink crinkled paper to give it that finished look. The pink “grass” will go into a ziplock bag and into my holiday box to be reused next year. If you’re using that kind of fake grass this year (it’s only .50 at Target) I would encourage you to do the same…or to recycle it when you’re done.

Non Traditional Easter Ideas for Toddlers

I can’t wait to see her face when she opens it on Easter morning!

What are your plans for Easter?!

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My Toddler Loves The Water (And I Don’t Blame Her)

From swimming to bath time my two-year old daughter is obsessed with the water. This isn’t shocking at all to me as a mother because I was the same way when I was a little girl. Since my husband is generally the one who facilitates C’s bedtime routine (he works during the day so they spend time together every evening) I don’t often get to experience the joys of bath time with my daughter. Every so often my husband has work responsibilities that leave him unavailable in the evenings. This week was one of those weeks.

I remember bath time as a little girl. I thought that tub was huge and it could easily turn into a swimming pool or a deep, vast sea with just a flicker of imagination. I’d almost forgotten how it felt in those moments until I saw it through my daughter’s eyes. She was so excited for bath time, the opportunity to go “swimming”, to create waves, and to just enjoy the warm water before bedtime.

As the memories from my own childhood came flooding back to me, I quickly grabbed the camera (don’t worry, it was in the next room over and only took me a couple of seconds to get) and decided to snap some pictures for the scrapbook. I want C to be able to look back on these someday and remember her love for the water as she grows. Take a look:

Toddler Bath Time

Toddler Bath

Toddler Water


Toddlers Love Water

Two Year Old Bath Time

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Growing Children Are Expensive: Here’s How I Budget (Plus Another Giveaway!)

In case you don’t realize this yet, let me clue you in on something….kids are expensive! In the first two years of life, they need new wardrobes every few months none of which they’ll never be able to wear again once they grow out of it. Now that my daughter is two she’s growing out of her clothes less quickly than she was in 2011 and 2012. And since I’m a stay at home mom it’s still important for us to stick to our budget when it comes to getting new clothes for C. One of my favorite ways to save some money while hunting for some great finds is shopping our local consignment sales. The Kid’s Closet Consignment sale is coming up in Blue Springs this week and so I wanted to take a couple of minutes to talk about the sale, what kind of stuff you can expect to find there, and to share a special giveaway that owners Kevin and Jill Moxley have graciously offered to six of my lucky readers.

Kid's Closet Connection

If you missed last week’s post about Kid’s Closet Connection, where I discussed being a consignor, you can find it here:

Selling at Kid’s Closet Connection

At a KCC sale you can expect to find name brand clothing and shoes for your little one at a fraction of retail cost. They have strict guidelines for consignors so you can rest assured knowing that the clothes you find will be well taken care of. When it comes to second-hand items, it really doesn’t get much better than that. Not sure what I mean?! Take a look:

Old Navy Outfit For Toddlers

I created an outfit with items that I would definitely buy for my own daughter and piece together for a fun Spring day out. From what I’ve seen, a lot of items that you find at the Kid’s Closet Sales come from Old Navy, Target, JcPenny, Gap, and other more popular clothing stores for kids and families.

Here’s a breakdown of what I would spend if I walked into Old Navy right now to purchase these items:

$10.00 on the Jeans (On sale from $16.94)

$12.94 for the Graphic Tee

$16.94 on the Hoodie

$13.00 on the Shoes (On sale from $16.94)

$6.94 on the Socks

For a total of $59.82!

In my experience shopping at these consignment sales, I’ve been able to find jeans for five dollars a pair, shirts for as little as $1.00 (usually two to three dollars), Jackets for around four dollars, shoes for under five dollars, and large quantities of socks for just a couple of dollars. Given what I’ve learned, I would venture to say that this outfit would likely cost me  around $15.00 total. And if I shopped on half price day, it would be even less, making the Kid’s Closet Consignment sale the ideal way to shop for your little one.

I remember the first time I went to a consignment sale in my area. It was Autumn 2010 when I was pregnant with C. I found maternity clothes, newborn clothes, and infant toys that were great assets to have on hand when C was born. I was surprised to see that there were high chairs, breast pumps, bedding, and just about anything you would need for infants, toddlers, and young children. I’m excited to explore the upcoming Spring sales and see what goodies we can find for our little lady.

All that said, the Kid’s Closet Connection owners have decided to do another great giveaway on my blog. They’re giving away six passes for early admission to the 1/2 price event on Friday evening. Interested in getting one?! Head on over to my Facebook page for the details on how you can enter.

Kid's Closet Connection

Planning to go to the sale this weekend?! Here’s what you need to know:

Kid’s Closet Connection Blue Springs Sale

425 NE Mock Ave. Blue Springs, MO

(Inside Sports City at I-70 & Adams Dairy Parkway)

Thursday March 28th: 10am-7:30pm

Friday March 29th: 10am-7:30pm

Saturday March 30th: Noon-5pm (*half price day for most items)

*Friday March 29th 11am-noon: FREE exotic animal show featuring 8 animals at the sale!*

Kid's Closet Sale

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Mad About It Monday: Oh, It’s Okay…I Didn’t Really Want to Sleep Tonight Anyway.

Welcome to Mad About It Monday

Because passive aggressive Facebook status updates were so yesterday…

Mad About It Mondays

New here?! You can find some of my most recent MAM posts by clicking the links below:

Marco Rubio & Water

Lies and The Lying Liars Who Like To Tell Them

Never Enough

Today I want to talk about my beautiful, kind, loving daughter and the one thing she’s been doing lately that really just grinds my gears. I might not be winning mother of the year but there’s very little that I can’t handle when it comes to parenting. Not getting sleep, however, is one of those things. Somewhere between the joys of her second birthday party and two days ago she learned (and coined) the phrase: “I don’t want to _________” followed, usually, by “take a nap,” or “go to bed,” or “lay down”. *Facepalm

She works herself into such a frenzy about the possibility of sleeping that she actually seems to catch a second wind. At a certain point, toddlers who haven’t gotten enough sleep actually have trouble sleeping and that’s definitely true for my little one. It isn’t from a lack of effort on our part…we go through all of our normal bedtime steps with C right down to the same goodnight hugs and kisses we’ve been doing for months. Last night was the first night in a while that she actually went to sleep without a headache and it was glorious but again today the no-sleep monster attacked again during naptime leaving me wondering where to go from here.

Naptime used to be glorious.  Not that I don’t cherish my time with her (I do) but it was the one time during the day that I could get some cleaning done around the house, maybe catch up on some TV that the husband doesn’t care about, or maybe even (gasp) take a shower.  Even on the days where she was a little resistant, sometimes we would snuggle together and we would both take a nap, and that wasn’t so bad either.

No longer.  Now “naptime” (quotes are needed because no napping actually takes place) is a time where my child repeatedly screams the aforementioned phrases of doom while throwing her pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals out of her crib and then begging me to come give them back to her. Sometimes, she even takes off all of her clothes in protest (read $#!* Happens). Fun times.

She’s only two years old…barely two years old at that, so how in the world have we already given up daytime napping?! It isn’t possible and I refuse to accept it. Every child is different but for C, fear of going to sleep seems to stem from not wanting to be away from mommy and daddy. I know that seperation anxiety seems to rear it’s ugly head again around this age and so I’m trying (with all the patience I have in me) to understand that and work with it but that night time wakefulness is driving me up the wall.

I’ve got a few ideas I plan to test out this week and I’ll definitely update and let you guys know what works for us and what doesn’t. In the meantime….I may try to get what little sleep I’m able to before my child wakes up again. Wish me luck! Zzzzz….

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Toddlerisms: S%&* Happens

I wrote this post yesterday but since I post Mad About It Mondays, I saved it until today…

Poop Happens Onesie

Nap avoidance is something every toddler does and I’m certain there is not a single parent out there that’s immune to it. Lately, C has been trying everything in the book to avoid naps. She’ll throw everything out of her crib and then cry for her blankets and binky, she calls for my husband and me, she’ll ask for food or water, and most recently started lying about pooping so that we’ll come and get her from her crib. When she first started proclaiming, “I pooped!” from her crib, we would (like the suckers that we are) always go check only to discover that she had not. One clever little trick she learned was taking all of her clothes off (diaper included) and so we started putting her onesies underneath her clothes.

Fast forward to last Thursday when my husband forgot to put a onesie on her before bed. Like she does, she stripped down to her birthday suit from her waist down (unbeknownst to us) and finally fell asleep in her crib, underneath her covers. At some point in the middle of the night my husband brought her from her crib into our room (this is common in our household) and somehow did not notice that she was missing her pants and her diaper. I was going to deliver some home cooked meals to my dad (he lives a couple of hours from us) since he had surgery earlier that week and so I quietly got up before C so I could get myself ready for the day. Leaving only about fifteen minutes to spare before we needed to leave, I got C out of bed and discovered that she wasn’t wearing clothing. Thankfully our bed was dry and clean (I assumed she’d taken her clothes off in our bed) but then I noticed that she had something on her legs.

It wasn’t until I brought her to her room to get her changed that I discovered the terrible surprise that was waiting for me…she had pooped and peed all.over.her.crib. Needless to say we had to delay our plans to leave until the situation could be taken care of. I was livid. How could my husband forget something so simple as her onesie? Our morning was disastrous. When my husband and I sat down later that night we had a heart-to-heart about what had happened and how we could avoid things like that in the future.

This weekend was incident free. Today is another story all together…

Sometimes I think our children teach us valuable lessons about life. Today I learned something. Here I was on Thursday so unbelievably angry with my husband because he had forgotten something and I held him personally responsible for my rough morning.

This afternoon C would not nap. I tried everything I could think of to get her to settle down and sleep to no avail. Finally I threw in the towel, put her in her crib and shut her door. The first few minutes she tried her usual tricks, “Mommmmmmmy!!!!! Eat! Eat! I pooped!”. Armed with the determination to win the nap time battle, I ignored her. To my surprise, it worked! Or so I thought…

When I went in to do some laundry I noticed that she was still awake. Not only was she still awake but she was also naked. Not only was she awake and naked but she had, indeed, pooped. Not only was she awake, naked, and poopy but it was also everywhere…and it was the most foul-smelling moment I can remember.

Let this serve as a public apology to my husband for having been so angry last week…I’m sorry. Shit happens.

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The Importance of “Me Dates”

Me Dates


To say that my daughter was challenging would be an absolute understatement. It doesn’t help that our household has been plagued with some sort of freak virus this week and we haven’t been able to go out for playdates or stick to the routine that we’ve established over the last few months. I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked by C’s behavior, a mix of cabin fever, not feeling well, and perhaps the “terrible twos” created the perfect storm.

At one point, she threw herself on the ground and was kicking and screaming and crying so much that I wasn’t even sure what was going on anymore. Was this really over blueberries, or wanting a different cup at the table, or getting upset because I had to use the bathroom, or because she didn’t want to take a nap, or because the dog came too close to her, or any of the other things that set her off yesterday? I get that, because toddlers don’t have the vocabulary to verbalize their wants and needs to adults, they’re going to vocalize their frustration through temper tantrums but even with that knowledge, it doesn’t make dealing with that behavior any easier.

For that reason, it’s so important for parents (those who stay at home full-time in particular) to take some time for themselves. I’m not talking about that five minutes once a month that we get to use the restroom by ourselves…I mean some actual “me time” or, what I like to call, a Me Date. You have date nights with your spouse so that you can keep that fire alive so why should taking time for you be any different? Last night I decided to do something I’ve never done before…

After the husband came home from work, I got ready and decided to head out for my “Me Date”. Part of me felt guilty (welcome to the world of being a mom, right?!) for leaving the house because I felt like I was escaping the day but I knew it was something I had to do. I drove over to Target to pick up a few things that we needed around the house and then took myself out to dinner. I have never, in my life, eaten at a restaurant by myself. It was a strange feeling and I’ll admit that it was uncomfortable at first but armed with my Sudoku book and a pen, I took on the challenge and discovered that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was actually really nice.

For an hour and a half last night I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself and even though it was something so simple as running an errand and grabbing a bite to eat, I felt that it was exactly what I needed and so I wanted to encourage you to do the same. I know it isn’t easy to set aside time for just you (because there’s always someone else you could be spending time with) but it really is important and, at the end of the day, it sets a great example for your children. I’m not sure when my next “me date” will be or what I’ll do (maybe I’ll try watching a movie) but I know that it’s something that will happen again and I’ll try not to wait until we have a bad day at home to do it.

How do you set time aside for yourself?


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It’s Just Pictures Series: The Toddler

I thought I would post some pictures I took yesterday evening of C. A little back story…I was making dinner and she climbed up onto the kitchen table and started drinking out of my water-glass. Instead of getting upset and making her get down right away, I embraced the moment. It isn’t often that she actually sits still long enough for me to snap some good pictures so I’ll take what I can get, know what I mean?!C will be two in less than a month, hard to believe time has gone by so quickly! Don’t you just wish it would slow down sometimes?!

On an unrelated note (before I forget)…I got special mail today from Nature Box, an awesome California-based company. I was contacted by them to do a review on their products and am so excited to share my thoughts with all of you (and to offer you a special surprise) so be on the lookout for that post the first week of February!

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