“Neighbors”: In Review

"Neighbors" Movie Review

Neighbors Release Date: 05/09/2014

Run Time: 96 Minutes

MPAA Rating: Rated “R” for all of the things.  Seriously, all of them. Like every single one.

Cast: That Guy From “Knocked Up”, The Australian Chick from “The Internship”, The Kid From “High School Musical” Who Is All Grown Up, & Baby Franco

As any homeowner will tell you, there’s always that one neighbor that nobody wants to live next door to.  You know, the one that never mows their lawn, refuses to fix the issues on the outside of their house, or sports his man sweater all summer long (please, for the love of all that is holy, put on a shirt!).  With the release of the new comedy “Neighbors”, which hit theaters nationwide this weekend, screenwriters Andrew Cohen and Brendan O’Brien aim to prove to you that it could always be worse…You could be living next to these guys:

Neighbors Movie Review

After settling into their new home in a quaint neighborhood along with their adorable daughter Stella, Mac (Seth Rogen) and Kelly (Rose Byrne) are excited about the prospect of new neighbors.  That feeling, however, quickly subsides as the pair discover that the house next door will be occupied by a fraternity.  Not wanting to seem ‘old’ or ‘out of touch’ these 30-somethings make a valiant effort to connect with their new neighbors, kindly asking them to “keep it down” so their new daughter can sleep through the night (because, of course, they wouldn’t otherwise have any problem, whatsoever, with the noise).  Once the frat brothers have had the opportunity to get acclimated to their new pad, Mac and Kelly realize that their “keep it cool” attitude towards their new neighbors will be short lived. Antics ensue and the situation rapidly spirals out of control in an outrageous, over the top series of events that leave you thinking that your neighbors might not be so bad after all.

This movie is crazy and outlandish but the best thing about it is that it’s exactly what it’s intended to be.  Like any good Rogen film, “Neighbors” doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are parts that are downright ridiculous but will leave you laughing throughout the movie. Overall, on my scale from one to ten where one is the worst, five is the best, and ten is the worst again: I give “Neighbors” a solid 4.20 with an emoticon based sub-ranking of “Ha! Did you see what I just did there?!”