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A Minnie Mouse Themed Birthday Weekend

As you know, my sweet girl turned two years old  a week ago today and we celebrated all weekend Minnie Mouse style. I have been so excited to share this with all of you. We are so fortunate to be blessed with such an incredible group of family and friends. So much so that we decided it would be less overwhelming to break up the birthday celebrations into two days. On Friday evening, we had invited 21 people over for a hot doggity dog birthday dinner and did our family (along with a couple of our ‘basically family’ friends) on Saturday for a celebration at a place in a nearby town (closer to where my family is). The sad news is that it snowed so much on Thursday that many of our guests were stuck in their homes and unable to make it on Friday night so it ended up being a play date birthday celebration for C and her friend who lives just a few houses down. Having just gotten back into town from my friend’s baby shower, I found myself more pressed for time than I would have liked but, overall, I’m really happy with how everything turned out.

For both events I wanted to be sure to give guests a small takeaway as a thank you for spending time with us and so I hand dipped marshmallows and Oreo cookies in white chocolate, covered them with red sprinkles, and wrapped them in clear bags with a red Mouse head and white ribbon. I was really happy with them.

Chocolate Covered Oreos                 White Chocolate Covered Marshmellows

Mickey Mouse Party Favors

I dressed our dining room table with a red table-cloth, Mouse Head “placements”, white plates, and color coordinating decorations. On the light above the table I hung red, white, and black tissue paper pom-pom balls (which I posted a tutorial for on Tuesday).

Minnie Mouse Themed Dinner Party

Minnie Mouse Theme Table Top

Saturday presented a bit of a challenge. The location where C’s event was held required me to drop off the party decorations at least 24 hours in advance but, since it’s almost 45 minutes away and we had a massive snowstorm, I wasn’t able to meet that deadline. I called them and asked if there was any way I could get into the room earlier so that I would have some time to decorate. They told me it was no big deal if I wanted to show up at 1:45 (the party was at 2:30). What they meant by “no big deal” was “we’re not being honest”.

I showed up at 1:45 only to discover that they had booked our room back to back and the other party was not slated to be out of the room until 2:00. They really tested my resolve with this one. I got into the room around 2:10 or so and had just over 15 minutes to get it decorated, have the food out, and somehow manage to not look like I just threw it all together. “Challenge Accepted!” I’m not really sure how I got it all done but, somehow, it worked:

Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party Table

Minnie Mouse Theme Birthday Party

Red, Black, and White Table Top Decorations

Minnie Mouse Decorations

A few of the decorations I used for both parties:

Mickey Mouse Themed Party

Minnine Mouse Themed Party Decorations

Mickey Mouse Themed Party Invitations

The big Mouse ear (pictured above) was actually the invitation for the birthday party. What I did was slip a small white card with the party details between the red and black on the invitation. This was far better than anything I could have purchased from a store. Speaking of…I had made everything but the plates, cups, and napkins for this party. I wouldn’t consider myself the most crafty person so if I can do it, so can you! 🙂

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Happy Birthday, Little One….A Look Back In Time (With Pictures)

I cannot believe how quickly time just seems to have flown by since we were celebrating C’s 1st birthday last year. Today, she turns two and since we’ll be busy sharing this special day with our family, I wanted to take some time to share last year’s event.

Sock Monkey Cupcakes

Late last winter C was obsessed with her Sock Monkey, Isabella, and all of Isabella’s friends (we had a few of those singing and dancing sock monkeys that Target sold last year) and so we wanted to capitalize on what we knew she enjoyed.

Sock Monkey Theme Birthday

Sock Monkey Smash Cake

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

Tissue Paper Pom Pom Ballls

It's An Ordinary Blog

Birthday Party Treats

Sock Monkey Birthday Party

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Where I’ve Been…

I went to bed last night with the promise that I would remind myself to write a post letting you all know where I’ve been the last couple of days…You may not have even noticed that I was gone or you may have wondered why I skipped out on Friday Fictioneers this week, either way I’m going to give you an update. A good friend of mine is having a baby (yay!) and is due in February. I had the privilege of co-hosting a small get together in her honor today and have been working on it during my free time the past few days. I’m planning to do a few tutorials but, in the meantime, I thought I’d share some pictures.

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

I’ll be back to my regular schedule tomorrow. In the meantime, how did you celebrate your Sunday?

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Trunk Or Treat / Happy Halloween 2012

When I first started this post earlier this afternoon, I intended to make this into a quick tutorial about making tissue paper balls. I think I’ll save that for a later date (probably around Charlotte’s birthday) because I’m far too lazy to do it right now. Forgive me?! 🙂 Moving on…

We went to a “Trunk Or Treat” event tonight about twenty minutes from our home. I’m really glad that we participated. Interacting with the kids and allowing Charlotte to go to a place that not only had the traditional ‘trick or treating’ but also had activities was a good call for her age. She got to decorate a pumpkin, play some games, and walk around in a safe atmosphere. I spent a little time preparing for this event. I made tissue paper balls, blew up some balloons, and decorated my trunk. Overall Halloween 2012 was a success!

Take a peek: