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Why I Never Pay Full Price for Anything

When I was pregnant with my daughter I vowed never to pay full price for anything unless I absolutely have to. To this day, I stand by that and it’s helped me save hundreds of dollars in the last couple of years. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I’m an “extreme couponer” and I most certainly don’t over do it but I am careful to watch the sales at the grocery store and shop after holidays for the following year. I started shopping at the Farmer’s Market instead of the grocery store for produce and have found that there are so many benefits to buying local. Not only does it help save you money but it also boosts the local economy, helps farmers, and is the most sustainable choice for our planet. My post isn’t about the Farmer’s Market, though, it’s about Target…

I knew when Halloween was approaching that I wanted to start decorating the house more for each holiday. C is getting older (she’ll be 2 years and 10 months old next Halloween) and so I feel it’s especially important to start sooner rather than later. I decided I would hold off on buying anything for this year and just wait until early November to purchase things for 2013. They say that good things come to those who wait and my patience paid off in the way of 90% discounts on Halloween items. I put them into storage along with the few decorations I already had (not pictured) where they’ll sit until next October.

I’ve also been looking into getting C some dress up clothes for playtime at home. I have looked at Target and online at Amazon.com and discovered that dress up clothes can be pretty expensive. Ridiculously expensive, actually, considering the fact that they can only wear most of the items for a year or so (if that long). So far, I’ve purchased four costumes on clearance for C (all at Target). Two of them were included in today’s purchase and the other two were purchased last Saturday. In total, I’ve spent only 15 dollars on all four dress up pieces for her to play with and I couldn’t be happier that I found them.

Today, I spent a total of $11.37 after all the discounts (including my Red Card Savings, which I definitely recommend to regular Target customers) and saved a total of $97.75. Pretty incredible, right?! Don’t be afraid to purchase items for next year after each holiday, it’s worth it.