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Hey, Look! It’s a Review & Giveaway from PunkHipster!

Punk Rock_star

Happy Monday, Everyone! As you may have noticed, I’ve been radio silent for the last week (more on that in a later post) but I’m back and I’m excited to introduce you to my friends over at PunkHipster (Hi Ryan!). I’m not a hipster or a punk (in fact, I’m generally uncool) but I really like this company. Why?! They’re a Missouri based small business (win!) who brings together two groups of people who are often divided by differences in culture through rare, vintage, high quality, American made, affordable leather products.

Sidenote: After reading Urban Dictionary’s definition, I guess one could define me as a hipster at heart. Though I’m fairly certain that true hipsters may not want to be “defined”, so, scratch that?! Maybe?! I don’t know…

A few fast facts about PunkHipster:

  • They’re small, they’re local (to me!).
  • They use rare, vintage leather that can only be found here in the United States.
  • Once the leather is gone, it’s gone (be unique!).
  • All of their products are 100% leather (and they smell great).

PunkHipster Giveaway

PunkHipster sent over several items for me to review. I should mention that these items were given to me free of charge (including the giveaway item) in exchange for my thoughts. I am under absolutely no obligation to write a positive review and any thoughts and opinions I express are uniquely my own. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me anytime with questions:

Original PunkHipster Leather Key Fob 

Leather Fob

I learned something new with this review (and maybe I shouldn’t admit this) but were you aware that “fob” is a fancy term for a key chain?! Well it is…

Leather Key Fobs

If you haven’t already figured this one out, PunkHipster has some pretty fantastic leather key Fobs (read: key chains) and I’m pretty excited to display two of them on my own key ring. The Original Leather Key Fob (pictured above with its friends) retails for around $35.00, is fully customizable, durable, and guaranteed to last 50 years (check back with me in 50 years for an update on that one). The second key fob (the smaller one on the left) is my absolute favorite but it’s not pictured on their website right now which means that they’ve sold out. That’s something you should know about the products that PunkHipster sells…they truly are unique in that once the leather that they’ve used for a certain product is gone, it’s gone. They’re really good about telling customers how many of a certain item is left on their website but I recommend snatching the items you love up pretty quickly before someone else does.


Here’s a closer look at my favorite key chain…I mean, leather fob. 


Pictured above is a 3/4″ leather cuff (also known as a bracelet, but I already knew that ;)). They have several affordable leather cuffs available on their website ranging from $29.99 to $49.99 with different options (thick, thin, studded, not studded, wrapped, not wrapped, etc) sure to please any shopper in the market for a little wrist action. You can see what it looks like on my wrist below. I’m making a fist, because I’m a badass.


Now, I know you’re all dying to see the awesome chain wallet I have up for grabs, right?! {Imaginary Drum Roll}

Wait for it…

…wait for it…

Leather Chain Wallet

This leather bifold chain wallet, which retails at $59.99, uses genuine Horween leather from Chicago. The color really is very, very nice and the wallet itself seems very durable. The 15″ chain comes with a matching leather fob to attach to your belt (or to the inside of your purse, ladies ;)) and one of you can have this (along with one of my It’s An Ordinary Blog magnet business cards, get excited!).


My friends Sarah from The House Of Boys & A Girl, and Amber over at Thrifty Mom’s Reviews, both have PunkHipsters wallets of their own to giveaway (hello tripled chances!) and all you have to do is follow the link below via Rafflecopter to enter into all three. In case you’ve never entered into one of my giveaways before, Rafflecopter and WordPress don’t see eye to eye so you have to physically click on the link in order to enter. I’m sorry! I promise, it’s safe. Winners will be randomly drawn in two weeks. As always, good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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