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Mad About It Monday: Commercials We Know & Hate


Hello, friends and happy Monday! It’s been a while (longer than I’d care to admit) since my last “Mad About It Monday” post so I thought I’d jump right back in with a list of my top five favorite commercials to HATE. We don’t watch a lot of television in our household but we do take the time to catch up with our favorite programs on HuluPlus after the child goes to bed each night. Hulu provides us with the opportunity to see a whole slue of no good, just plain awful commercials that I cringe at the very thought of. I’ve compiled a list of five of the worst commercials we all know and hate and encourage you to share yours in the comments.

#5- Chase Freedom “At The Pumps”

At first glance, most viewers wouldn’t think anything of this seemingly innocent commercial but if you pay attention, at about four seconds in, you see something terrifying.  Here we have this woman, at the station, pumping gas while her car keys are in the ignition and the car is on. Really?! Don’t they specifically WARN you against keeping your keys in the ignition while pumping gas? Let me save you the trouble of looking it up, yes. Yes they do. Now, logically, I know that there’s a very minimal risk of a spark from your car being on causing the gas pump to blow up while you’re pumping but, why even risk it?!  Is it really that hard to turn off your car for three minutes while you fill up the tank?  I mean honestly, I’m surprised she wasn’t also smoking and spraying gas everywhere in the commercial. What a dummy.

#4- Disney Side “Lion King”

Dear Grandpa,

No. You narcissistic tool bag. You just can’t resist ruining the moment, can you?! Congratulations, you’re officially uninvited to our upcoming family Disney trip because we can’t trust you to behave yourself. What’s next, will you photo-bomb the pictures of complete strangers and tackle your favorite characters, shoving small children out of the way to get to them? Nice. Not. That set you just ruined, by the way, took a PTA mom hours to put together and now the kids can’t finish the play that they’ve spent months preparing for because you’re a life ruiner, Grandpa. You jerk.

#3- Geico Commercials (All of them)

Dear Geico,

No. Just no. Please stop. For the love of all that is holy, knock that crap off. That is all.

#2- Learn To Be 

Hi Melissa, it’s called Google. Or your parents. Or a teacher. Or your math book. Or anyone else other than this really creepy math tutor that you randomly happened to find on the internet. Aren’t you the slightest bit worried that an adult is weirdly smiling at you over the webcam after reciting the definition of something you could have very easily found on your own? Haven’t your parents taught you about the dangers of using video chat with complete strangers? I guess not because they clearly aren’t available to help you with your easy geometry homework, either. Hold on, don’t go anywhere. Okay, I’m back. I just did a search for “How do you find the area of a triangle?” and more than 86.8 million results popped up. I did this without giving a possible predator the layout of my home. You’re welcome.

#1- AllState Check 

Who just inserts themselves into someone’s check battle at a restaurant? I mean, honestly. How the hell does he even know that she saved money on insurance? That is CLEARLY grounds for a restraining order. Oh, and here’s a tip for YOU, Dennis Haysbert, nobody cares that you were once on the show “24” over ten years ago. And no, you are not, in fact, responsible for a black person becoming president.



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Mad About It Mondays: Old Man Winter 2013

Mad About It Mondays

On Thursday, the Kansas City metro was hit with a massive (maybe not to some of you) snowstorm that unleashed nearly a foot of snow in the course of less than 24 hours. We’re slated to get another 8-15 inches (possibly as much as 20 inches) over night tonight. I love winter weather so it really doesn’t bother me all that much. What does bother me, though, and what I’m dedicating this week’s Mad About It Monday to, is the way that people behave when mother nature gives us a run for our money. Across Facebook on Thursday there were stories of people who had been stranded on the roads because their employers insisted that they risk their lives to go into work.

I can understand the importance of getting doctors, nurses, and emergency personnel to work regardless of weather conditions but for all non-essential jobs, is it really worth risking the lives of your associates for an extra dollar?! I have a friend who is pregnant and was stranded on the side of the highway because her employer told her she had to come in, even with dangerous road conditions. I think that’s incredibly irresponsible.

When I went to pick my mom up from the airport on Friday afternoon (she had flown in for C’s birthday weekend) I was shocked at the number of cars abandoned on the side of the road. It bothered me because I think people are more focused on that bottom dollar than the safety and well-being of their associates and their families.

There were so many places that did close their doors because the risks did not outweigh the potential benefits. I applaud those businesses for seeing the bigger picture. With the major snowstorm headed our way tonight, I want to encourage people in my area to stay at home if they’re able. There is very little worth risking life and limb over so if you don’t have to go out, stay in.

Now onto something that doesn’t make me mad…some pictures I took last week of C playing in the snow:

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Mad About It Monday: Facebook Edition

Mad About It Mondays

It’s that time of the week again, where we can all sit back, take a load off, and discuss that thing that’s been raising your blood pressure all week. It’s time for Mad About It Mondays! Don’t forget to link up with me (details at the bottom).

I have a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Facebook but because I’ve got friends and family across the globe, it makes sense to keep it. Add to that the fact that I am a self-professed Facebook addict without a 12-step recovery program to attend, and I’m hooked. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t find certain things irritating. Today, I want to talk about one of those things…combined accounts.

I’ve been Facebook friends with someone for nearly four years and I didn’t realize until yesterday (YESTERDAY!) that he had a combined account with his wife. You might be asking yourself how it is that I didn’t notice that until now…I’m not absent-minded and I pay attention to detail but he was as sneaky as it gets with his account. Most people who account share have something that looks like this:

Person and Person Last Name

Person n’ Person Last Name

Person-Person Last Name

Person~and~Person Last Name

He’s different, though, because I was running under the assumption that the name in between his first and his last on Facebook was his middle name. Because, you know, people have middle names. It wasn’t until he posted a status using her name that I even realized what was going on.

My question is this: Why would you Facebook share? It’s not that hard to get your own account and, guess what, it’s free! I get that sometimes it might be easier to Facebook share when you’ve got pictures of your kids or if you’re an elderly couple who doesn’t really know how to use the internet but certainly you’ve got friends of your own that you’d like to keep in touch with, right?!

What bothers me about combined Facebook accounts is that you’re only able to put one set of information on your account (birthday, gender, education background, etc) so one person always ends up losing their “identity” on Facebook. It’s weird.

Here’s the thing…you want to have a combined account with your significant other? Fine. People might think that’s strange but it’s your prerogative. If you’re going to combine accounts, you should at least let people KNOW that you’ve got one. I’ll step off my soapbox now and give someone else a turn…who’s ready to link up!? Ready….set….GO!

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Mad About It Mondays: What Part of “NO” Do You Not Understand?!

Mad About It Mondays

Welcome to Mad About It Mondays, a place where you can let loose and vent. Instead of posting that vague or passive aggressive Facebook status, join me and get that thing that’s been grinding your gears off your chest. You can find link up information at the bottom of this post. If you’re interested in playing catch up, you can find my last two MAM posts here and here.

Do Not Enter

What part of “Do Not Enter” is so difficult for some drivers to understand?!

I regularly shop at the Costco in my area. Costco, you might be thinking, a place for suburban families to spend their Saturday afternoons feasting on samples and spending entirely too much money on large quantities of batteries, milk at a very convenient price, and more cheese than you ever realized existed. Costco, you might be thinking…the place I would like to spend the apocalypse. But nay, I tell you, Costco is a hot bed for law breakers.

Our Costco happens to have a one way entrance for customers coming in from the East with a very clear “DO NOT (FREAKING) ENTER” sign for drivers who are already in the parking lot and yet, these derelicts drive through the one way street anyway. WHAT?! It’s horrible. It’s dangerous. It must be stopped.

Now you might be asking yourself why this is such a big deal. Well, I’ll tell you why…if someone is going to break such a simple, easy to follow law, what are they doing behind closed doors? Here is what I imagine these people are doing in their spare time:

Dirty, rotten scoundrels they are.

Dear Drivers Who Go The Wrong Way On The One-Way Street At Costco,

Here’s a little tid bit for you…you are not above the law. I’m not entirely sure why you can’t be bothered to drive the extra half block to the correct exit at Costco but, come on…really?! Most of you have children in the car. What kind of example are you setting for them? That laws are meant to be broken? No wonder we have a society of hooligan delinquents. Your behavior is a slippery slope. What’s next? Illegal U-Turns? Jaywalking?! Not paying the parking meter?!?! For the love of all that is holy, please stop. In case you’re not aware of what “Do Not Enter” means…

Don’t enter.

Do not come in.

Go the other way.

Find another route.


This is against the law.

You’re going to hit other cars.

Please, do us all a favor and start following the rules. While you’re at it, put those carts back. It’s rude to leave them in the parking space next to you.


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Mad About It Monday: Never Enough

Welcome to “Mad About It Mondays”, a place to get that thing that’s been bothering you all week/day/night/month/year/your whole life off your chest. I want to try something new this week and, hopefully, every week going forward. I know that we all have things that annoy us. Maybe a driver cut you off on the highway and you wish you could tell them how you really feel or perhaps you went to purchase your favorite ice cream at the grocery store and they were all out or maybe you just need to vent. No matter what your story is, I invite to you to come along with me and share. I’ll post an Inlinkz link at the bottom so you can link up with me.

Mad About It Mondays

Finish this statement: I would be happy with my body (/with myself) if ____________________________________.

Warning: Things are about to get really real because I’ve got news for you…you’re never going to be happy. You’re never going to be perfect. Why? Because there is too much profit in a self-deprecating society. It’s everywhere, isn’t it? The idea of what society tells us is beautiful and the quick fixes (and sometimes not so quick, painful fixes) for how you, too, can achieve it. But the truth is, you’ll never achieve it because in the land of Photoshop and extensive editing, this beauty doesn’t even exist.

What happens when you confuse words like “healthy” and “happy” with “ultra thin” and “beautiful”? You get a society of women who think they’re not good enough. We all come in different shapes, sizes, backgrounds, hair types, skin types, etc. Why can’t we celebrate that?  The fact of the matter is that beauty is all around us but we’re so focused on these unrealistic ideas that we can’t even see it.

I plan to be more active and it’s not because I think I would be  happy  if I lost 30 or 40 pounds and it isn’t because I’m unhealthy now (because I don’t have medical issues)…it’s because I aspire to be a runner and, right now, I’m not in good enough shape for that. My point is that we have got to stop letting society define what makes us beautiful. We have to start recognizing that those magazine covers aren’t real- they’re edited versions of reality.

Perfection To-Do List

So maybe you’re not thin enough for “society” (read: marketers) to say you’re beautiful or maybe your hair isn’t thick enough or you’re too pale and need a tan. Let’s just say you fix these “imperfections”. Then what? What’s next? There will always be something. It will never be enough. So why don’t we just focus on being healthy and content with our own lives? Let’s stop trying to be just like (INSERT MAGAZINE COVER PHOTO OF CHOICE) and be ourselves. What’s healthy and right for you isn’t necessarily healthy and right for everyone else. What works for you doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. Your health is something between you and your doctor and is, quite frankly, nobody else’s business. You are beautiful. You’re beautiful with the stretch marks, with the blemishes, with the thin hair, the wrinkled skin, with no makeup. You are good enough.

We Are Beautiful Because We Are Us

You might be wondering why this made it to “Mad About It Monday“. Well, because I’m mad. I’m mad that I see people who think they’re ugly when they’re not. I’m mad because I see people who are so amazing, who were born differently, and most of society will never call them pretty. I’m mad because I see beauty in this world and I wish more people recognized it, too. I mad because I want you to know that it isn’t the skin creams, the makeup, the hair products, or anything else that makes you a beautiful person…it’s who you ARE that matters.

You are beautiful.

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Mad About It Mondays: Individually Wrapped Items

So I was chit-chatting the other day with my friend The Pajama Mama the other night about doing blog link ups for “Mad About It Monday”. Everyone has a little something they want to get off their chest and so I encourage you to join me today and every Monday in this series. You can participate by posting a link to your post in the comments or using the link button at the bottom of this page.

Let’s talk about these:

Paper TowelsToilet Paper

Both of these items can be purchased from Costco at very reasonable prices. What makes me so irritated is that they come individually wrapped. One would think the large, heavy-duty plastic encasing the toilet paper and paper towels would be enough packaging but apparently it’s not. Every roll of paper towels comes wrapped up in its own bit of plastic and every four to six rolls of toilet paper is the same. Is that really necessary?! No, it’s not. If they were to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging they used on each case of product, they would be able to cut spending, saving the company money (which would hopefully translate into cost savings for the consumers as well). Not only that but the practice of wrapping everything up is absolutely horrible for the environment. I recycle as much as I can in my household but I know that a lot of people can’t be bothered (that should be another MAM in and of itself). I know the answer is simple: just don’t buy those products. But here’s the thing: I love the products, I just hate the packaging.

What’s getting under your skin today?

SO I’m having trouble getting the link tools (I’ve tried three now) to work so if you leave your link in the comments I promise to add them onto this page until I can figure out how to make this work (if there are any WordPress gurus out there that want to offer some advice, I’d be happy to listen to that….just email me:

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Mad About It Mondays: Gallimaufry Edition

Whenever I meet someone new I always wonder what their pet peeves are so I thought, for this edition of “Mad About It Monday”, I would list of some of mine…If you’re a regular reader (even if you’re not) feel free to chime in and comment with your own. You can also join in on the conversation on the It’s An Ordinary Blog Facebook Page.

I’ll start…here are my pet peeves:

  1. Loud Eating
  2. Bad Driving
  3. Fibbing
  4. Unsolicited Advice
  5. Unnecessary Drama

Allow me to explain…

Loud Eating: I cannot (CAN NOT) stand loud eating. There is something about the sound of someone slurping, chewing, crunching, gulping, or shoveling food down their pie holes that absolutely drives me up the wall. This has been a source of contention between my husband and I for years and I really do feel bad that it drives me nuts but, in all honesty, I just can’t help it. Why does it bother me so much? I can’t help how irrationally irritated it makes me to hear other people eat.

  • Please do us all a favor and chew with your mouth closed.
  • Take smaller bites, you’ll enjoy your food more that way.
  • Taking a sip of coffee or hot cocoa does not require sound effects.

Bad Driving: I’d like to think that I’m a decent driver. I also recognize that there are a lot of bad drivers out there. How some of them passed the required exams to get a license in the first place is beyond me.

  • If the speed limit is 65 on the highway why on Earth are you driving 85 or 90?! Slow down. There is nothing worth risking your life or the lives of everyone else on the road so that you can get to your destination faster.
  • On the other side of that coin, please don’t drive 45 on the highway. Not only is it unsafe but it’s also rude. If you can’t go within five miles of the posted speed limit on the highway- find another route.
  • I will never understand why an accident in the opposite lanes of a divided highway backs up traffic in the direction not impacted. So you want to see the wreck?! Watch the news. When people slow down too much or stop entirely it causes traffic delays and other accidents. Knock that crap off and drive already, would you!?
  • Even when it’s raining, it’s okay to drive. I promise.

Fibbing: This one is actually a big deal to me because I cannot stand lying liars who like to tell lies. I’m not saying that I’m perfect and have never told a lie in my life, I’m just saying that I believe that honesty is always the best policy. The worst kinds of lies, in my opinion, are fibs or white lies…ones that really don’t even matter. There’s a common misconception that those lies aren’t harmful because they’re somehow innocent. Well, guess what?! They’re not. Every lie is harmful.

We took a trip to Williamsburg, Virginia when C was six weeks old to celebrate my grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary. The person who had called in the reservation for our group (I think there were about 18 of us) was bragging in the car on the way to the restaurant about how she had lied to the family in telling them that our dinner reservation was earlier than it actually was. Her justification was that if she had told the truth people wouldn’t have arrived on time. Those kinds of lies are really harmful to relationships because you really never know whether or not you can trust anything that person says. If they’re going to lie about something so insignificant, what big things are they going to lie about? Are they ever telling the truth?

The truth has a funny way of surfacing in time…that’s how life works. I would rather be annoyed or have my feelings hurt in the short-term than come to find out later on that someone hasn’t been honest with me. Once I find out I’ve been lied to, it’s hard to regain that trust. There will always be a lingering question of, “Is so-and-so being honest with me right now or telling me what he/she thinks I want (or need) to hear?” It isn’t worth it.

Unsolicited Advice: We were at Walmart a couple of months ago and C had a binky in her mouth. She was just over 18 months at the time and the cashier (who was probably 19 or 20 years old) proceeded to lecture me on giving her a pacifier. “There are other ways to do it, mom!” she said to me before she recommended that I give my child Orajel instead. I looked at her and explained that we try to limit orajel use because large quantities of benzocaine can be harmful to infants and toddlers. She told me that they wouldn’t sell the product if it was unsafe. What I wanted to say was, “Oh wow! So you’re a doctor? I’m so impressed that you’ve completed medical school at such a young age! So you’re just working at Walmart to help pay off your student loans? That’s cool. Thanks for the great advice!” but I really wasn’t interested in arguing with someone who A) doesn’t know my family and B) really isn’t qualified to be giving me parenting advice so I just said, “thanks for the suggestion”, thinking it would end there. Did it?! Nope. It sure didn’t. She then gave me the advice (that I’ve heard time and time again, mostly from older people) to rub alcohol on C’s gums before bedtime or to give her something else to chew on other than a pacifier. So…let me get this straight, it’s NOT okay to let my child have a binky but it IS okay to let her chew on something else?! Gotchya. That’s just one, small, example of people who can’t seem to mind their own business in public.

Dear Strangers,

If I want your advice, I’ll ask for it. So something worked for your kids or grandkids fifty years ago?! That’s wonderful but it’s not going to happen. I get that you’re trying to be helpful but please mind your own business.


Mommy to One

Here is a list of things that you should never give advice (unless asked for it) to strangers on:

  • Finances
  • Parenting
  • Medical Issues
  • Relationships
  • Pregnancy

Unnecessary Drama: I don’t really think I need to elaborate much on this one since it’s usually one that most people can agree on. Let’s not make mountains out of mole hills. I’ve come to discover over the years that there isn’t much in this life that I actually do have control over except how I react to and handle those situations that life throws at me. For that reason, I’m learning as I get older, to just roll with the punches. Without going into  much detail on the situation I’ll give an example:

When I was still working full-time, the husband and I were struggling to find time to just stop and spend time with C. Since she was going to bed at 8:00 every evening, we only had a couple of hours with her every day. Our weekends were spent trying to play catch up on housework, grocery shopping, and spending time with loved ones. For that reason, we implemented a “no technology” policy from 5:30 until 8:30 every evening Monday-Friday. We asked family and friends to call or text only in the event of an emergency (we still wanted to be available in case someone needed us). No big deal, right?! Well, apparently it was a huge deal and was very offensive and rude for us to even consider asking. I can’t tell you the amount of time I had to try to put out fires with the person who turned this small request into a massive issue. Totally ridiculous. It isn’t necessary so just stop.

To avoid drama:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Calm down
  • Ask yourself, “who owns the problem?”
  • Realize what you have control over in the situation
  • Try to see things objectively
  • Move on

What are your biggest pet peeves?