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When Tragedy Overwhelms Us

There are very few national events that I can honestly say I will remember for the rest of my life. The senseless┬átragedy on December 14th, 2012 is one of those events. Sitting at the airport on Friday morning, I heard the news of a school shooting in a quaint New England town. I didn’t think much about it on my first flight because they hadn’t released many details. During my layover in Chicago, however, I was able to spend some time listening to the story, getting the details as they continued to come in, and hopelessly trying to make sense of it all. There were twenty, maybe twenty-five of us, total strangers, sitting together all glued to CNN, all shocked and heartbroken for the loss of nearly 30 innocent lives, 20 of whom were beautiful little children. New souls.

As parents, situations like these instill a sense of overwhelming fear, discomfort, and uncertainty. Our children are supposed to be safe at school. Our children are supposed to grow and learn about the world. Our children are supposed to have imagination, creativity, drive, and enthusiasm for a world where the possibilities are seemingly endless. Our children are supposed to be alive.

I don’t know that it will ever be possible to truly understand or make sense of what happened at Sandy Point Elementary School. I cannot even begin to imagine how those parents must feel and my heart absolutely breaks for everyone who was affected by this living nightmare. I wish we lived in a world where domestic terrorists like these didn’t exist. I wish we could send our kids to school with the certainty that they’ll return happy, healthy, and safe. I wish, more than anything, for the families of the victims to be able to find some sort of peace someday.

My heart and my continued thoughts are with the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut and with our nation.