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It’s Just Pictures Series

If you’ve been following my “Just Pictures Series” (you can find the other two posts here and here) you’ve probably wondered what’s next. Here you go!

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

It's An Ordinary Blog

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A Trip to the Zoo: Nashville Edition (with pictures!)

We are so blessed to have friends and family spread out throughout the country which awards us the opportunity to travel from here to there and there to here. My brother, who lives in North Carolina, was married this past spring and so we drove through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina on our journey. Along the way we were able to meet up with some friends in Nashville and spend a little time at their zoo. Here are some pictures I took during our trip:

Of the zoos you’ve been to, which is your favorite?

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A Trip to the Zoo: Omaha Edition (with pictures!)

InĀ  last week’s installment of “A Trip to the Zoo” I shared some photos from our visit to the St. Louis Zoo. I have such a profound respect for animals and, for that reason, being able to take C to see and learn about them is important to me. I feel really fortunate that we’re within such close proximity of some of our nation’s best zoological parks. The zoo provides an opportunity to explore animals that we would never have a chance to see otherwise and I’m excited to be able to share that with C as she grows and learns throughout the years. All that said, we had the wonderful opportunity to drive up to the Omaha Zoo this past June to hang out with some of our friends from Manhattan, Kansas and to meet two new mommy friends who live in Nebraska. It was one of those wonderful days that I hope to repeat again someday (hint hint, M, K, & E!). Here are some photos from our trip:

Next time I’ll share some pictures from our visit to the Nashville Zoo (which, I promise, are better pictures). Until then…

What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?

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Downtown Disney: Orlando, Florida

We spent the last day of our vacation in Orlando, Florida and we decided to head down to the Downtown Disney area for a little fun. Since we were only there for the day, spending the money to go into one of the parks didn’t seem like the most financially sound decision. Thankfully, Minnie and Mickey were there (if only in statue). Here are some pictures: