2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Specs

Hello, hello! People have been asking me what I think are some great stocking stuffer ideas for the little ones in your life. Well, folks, I’m excited to present to you…Holiday Specs.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

I love Christmas lights.

I’m the kind of person that will drive around neighborhoods I have absolutely no business being in just to see the Christmas lights that people have decorated their homes with.  Yup, that’s me.  Nice to meet you.  I was okay with the normalcy of seeing regular holiday lights with my own bare eyes until I came across these really nifty little glasses from Holiday Specs that turn ordinary lights into magical Christmas moments.  Holiday Specs transforms regular Christmas lights into an assortment of miniature glowing winter favorites like Santa Claus, Angels, Rudolph, Snowflakes, and so much more.

Christmas Tree

Putting our tree up this year was a blast.  This was the first year that my daughter, who will be three in February, has been able to truly participate in helping to decorate it. Even though that took a tremendous amount of patience (on my part) and letting go of the OCD tendencies that I usually have when it comes to tree decorating, I knew it would be fun.  Even more than that, I knew that we would be trying out our new Holiday Specs shortly after the tree went up and I was almost bursting with excitement to try them out myself to see my child’s reaction as the lights transformed into something only the magic of Christmas can bring.


Now before I show you the mind blowing things that took over our normal lights on the tree, I want to mention that the lights don’t translate nearly as well on film as they appear in real life.  You’ll have to take my word for it that these things are pretty good. Pretty, pretty good…


Take a look at some of the cool Holiday Specs we had the privilege to try out:

Holiday Specs review It's An Ordinary Blog

Holiday Specs review

Holiday Specs

Ready to try them out for yourself? These affordable little stocking stuffers can be purchased online anytime. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and tell them It’s An Ordinary Blog sent you!

Disclaimer: Holiday Specs sent me an assortment of products for free in exchange for my review. I was under no obligation to write a positive review of their products and all expressed opinions are uniquely my own. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions at 

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Costume Discounters: Little Dragon Costume In Review!

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It’s Halloween Month! 

Discount Toddler Costumes

Happy October, Everyone! I am bursting at the seams excited to start this month! October-March are my absolute favorite months of the year. Bring on the cold weather, the hot cocoa under the stars, the falling leaves, and, of course, the adorable Halloween costumes that we all look forward to each year. If you’re like me (overly excited parent of a ridiculously adorable two year old), you’ve already put a lot of thought into your plans for #Halloween2013 (I am fully aware that hashtags do not, in fact, work on WordPress. #DontCare #NerdAlert). If you happen to be in the market for an amazing costume at a discounted price (hello savings!), I invite you to check out my friends over at Costume Discounters. They offer a vast array of inexpensive costumes for adults, children, and pets (who doesn’t love a dressed up dog or cat?!) that you can have delivered directly from their website to your door. This is the perfect solution for parents who don’t want to brave taking their child out to the mall to pick out the perfect costumes (nobody wants to deal with the “I want {every single item ever}” for each item you look at) for the entire family. Take a peek at the Little Dragon Costume that C will be sporting this year:

Costume Discounters

This costume is every bit as adorable in person as it is online and, believe me, it’s pretty cute. What I love the most about it, from a purely logistical standpoint, is that it comes in just two pieces: the main costume and the wings that attach to the back. There is little worse than trying to assemble multiple aspects of one outfit on a two year old. Having one piece that gently slips over her head is a much more feasible choice for parents who plan to be on the go this Halloween season (yes, it is a season: don’t judge). The wings attach, using three pieces of velcro, to the shoulders on the back of the costume. The material is soft and comfortable against the skin and it’s not too heavy so it’s something my child can wear freely as we walk up and down the streets of our neighborhood on Halloween night. Best of all?! C LOVES it. 

Little Dragon Toddler Costume

When I’m saying that she loves it, I mean…she absolutely loves it. So much so that she cried when I took it off of her. It was a sad moment. But I look forward to the happy moment when she, once again, gets to wear it. Given the fact that this item is sleeveless, I will plan to pair it with a solid color long sleeved top and some tights on Halloween night but this will serve as an excellent addition, that she can wear as is, to her dress up clothes once the holiday is over. With any article of clothing, I encourage you to pay attention to sizing before you order. C is ~35″ tall and ~29 pounds and she is wearing at XS costume (which is intended to fit a 3T-4T for toddlers). I’m certain that the XXS would have worked as well but might have been a bit shorter than we would have liked. The vibrant colors, ease of the fabric, and the fun nature of the costume itself will be a hit at our festivities and I can’t wait to show her off in it.

Little Dragon Costume

As you venture out (or online) for your Halloween needs, take a few minutes to check out Costume Discounters. Right now they’re offering a 20% discount on orders of $20 or more (use the code Fun20) and free shipping on all orders over $60. You can find them online (, on Facebook, and on Twitter. Drop them a line on their social media pages and be sure to tell them that It’s An Ordinary Blog sent you!

Toddler Halloween Costumes

Costume Discounters sent me a Little Dragon Toddler Costume for free in exchange for my review. I am under no obligation to write a positive review and my expressed opinions are uniquely my own. As always, please feel free to reach out to me anytime with questions: 

Costume Discounters