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The Case Against Corn: Someone Needs To Stand Up For What’s Right

There comes a time in one’s life where they have to take a stand for what they believe in, no matter what others think. For that reason, I think it’s time that I come out of the closet and say that I hate corn.

Corn is gross. It’s not good for the body and it’s against God’s will. Every time I see someone eating corn, even though it does not affect me, it sickens me to the core. Disgusting. Eeew! Nasty. I think corn should be outlawed. Sure, many Americans enjoy eating it, but watching others eat corn (even knowing that they eat corn behind closed doors, in the comfort of their homes) is a threat against nutritional values and my delicate moral fiber. Sure, corn has a little benefit and it makes people happy but what do I care about the happiness of others? Newsflash: I don’t. Just because something makes a group of people happy doesn’t mean that they should be allowed to have it.

There are many reasons why corn is bad for you, apart from it being one of the most vile, repulsive foods on the planet. The human body cannot digest the bran in corn therefore it comes right back out when you eliminate on the toilet. SICK. Who wants to see corn in their poop? That is so gross. I sure don’t. Corn is also high in starch, carbohydrates, and sugar which all lead to a whole slew of health related issues in the body. Why would you want to subject yourself to that?

Not only is the consumption of corn unhealthy and unnatural for human beings, but subjecting others to your corn eating is offensive and immoral. Eating corn is an abomination of God. Here’s proof:

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

If our bodies are to be the temple of the Holy Spirit, why would we want to fill them with such a vile, disgusting, unhealthy food such as corn? You don’t own your body, God does, therefore you be careful what you put in it. Our bodies cannot digest corn, what would God think of that?

Philippians 3:19

Their destiny is destruction, their god is their stomach, and their glory is in their shame. Their mind is set on earthly things.

Corn comes from the Earth. When you eat it, whenever you think about eating it, your mind is set on earthly things. It’s a slippery slope. If we let people eat corn, next they’ll be eating rocks and cardboard. What’s next, cannibalism? We cannot, nay we will not, let this happen. This behavior must be stopped.

Candy corn dressed as corn on the cob?! FOUL! Sure it’s a banana and candy but the mere fact that parents find this acceptable is not okay. The proof is in the pudding, folks, corn loving parents raise corn loving children and that is a scientific fact.

You may try to tell me that people are born being corn lovers but I don’t believe you. I think loving corn is a choice and it’s the wrong choice. It needs to end. Today. For the sake of future generations.

I realize that corn eating exists in other species but that doesn’t make it right for human consumption. I mean, come on, really.

Some of my best friends are corn lovers and, while I love them, I will pray for their eternal salvation.

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The Freecycle Network

A few months ago I came across an organization called Freecycle that aims to reduce waste and environmental impact by connecting people who are looking to get rid of items (like old book shelves, toys, etc) with people who might be interested in obtaining them. As someone who is interested in sustainability (it matters) and saving money (who doesn’t appreciate that), I think the idea behind this is incredible. I have to say, though, that I’ve been unimpressed but I want to start with what I enjoy about the Freecycle network.

I decided to go down the list of most recent emails from my local group and list off what people have been offering:

-work gloves

-grout tiles

-file cabinet

-cat food & litter

-gas dryer


I love that, rather than simply throwing out these items, people are willing to hang on to them for a few extra days in order to reduce their impact on the world around them. That’s awesome…Really awesome.

What I don’t like, though, is the constant (and I mean almost constant) amount of emails I get from people who are flat-out asking for items (usually in list form). That really strikes a nerve with me. I think it’s great if someone is looking to get rid of something that you happen to have a need for, but at what point does Freecycle become a stomping ground for beggars?

Here’s the list of items that people have been asking for lately:

-Hunger Games books

-computer and keyboard

-queen size bed with mattress and box spring with bedding

-children’s clothes from 0-3T

-moving boxes

One of the only items I can understand (and get behind) is asking for moving boxes. That’s legit and it’s a great way to try to find boxes when you’re prepping for a move. The rest of it, however, is ridiculous. As great as this network is, I feel that it’s lost its purpose and that makes me sad. On one hand, I want to say it’s okay to put feelers out there to see if something you happen to need is out there but on the other hand there’s something about the way people are asking in our particular group that I find to be really bothersome. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

At the end of the day, I’ll continue to be part of the group. We’re in the process of finishing our basement and so I’ll be listing some items in the very near future and, you never know, I may see something that someone has to offer that is right up my alley one day. For now, I’ll take the good and leave the rest…