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Baking Soda For Whiter Teeth?! Come On In & Find Out…

I once did a little research (for a former client of mine) on ways to whiten teeth at home. I learned some things that I didn’t know like that the malic acid naturally found in strawberries helps to whiten teeth. I also re-visited a few things that I did know like that eating carrots, celery, and raw potatoes (the only person I know that will eat a potato raw is my grandmother) can help bring a brighter smile. One thing I came across, and have been meaning to try, is a combination of toothpaste, baking soda, and water. I will warn you, if you’re going to do this at home, try to limit yourself to once or twice a week since large amounts of baking soda have shown to reduce the enamel on your teeth (I’m not an expert on this matter, it’s just what I read).


Let’s begin…

  • You’ll need:
  • Baking Soda
  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Water

I filled the bottom of one of my toddler’s meal bowls with the baking soda but I was also sharing with my husband (who did this too) so if you’re going solo you may want to use less (we had extra when we were done).

Mix in toothpaste…

And water…

Brush your teeth with a generous amount for two minutes, rinse, and repeat. After you’re done brushing be sure to remove any leftover mixture.


Notice a difference?

Here’s a side by side (before on the left, after on the right):



Disclaimer (because I feel like I need to say this):

I am not a medical professional so my opinions are based off of what I’ve read and researched online.

No amount of online research substitutes for a healthcare professional so if you have questions…ask your dentist!