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Friday Fictioneers: “The Journey”

Hello fellow Friday Fictioneers bloggers! Boy have I missed you guys! The past few weeks have been crazy busy for me and, now that things have finally started to settle down, I’m excited to participate again. If you’re visiting my blog and stumbled across this by happenstance, welcome! On Fridays, I try to challenge myself by participating in a group led by author Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Basically, bloggers are challenged to create a short (100 word) fiction story based on the same photo prompt. It’s really awesome to see what other people are able to come up with. This week’s photo was provided by Beth Carter. Without further adieu, I present to you “The Journey“.

Beth Carter

It was a warm, sunny afternoon in San Diego when I started my journey. I saw one year, thousands of miles of coast, and a lot of new friends along the way. In the beginning, I’ll admit, I had a sheltered life that offered little understanding of the outside world. Along the way, though, my journey introduced me to the homeless, the lonely, the richest of the rich, the famous, and the everyday heroes. I learned that people are kind and loving. I learned there is no such thing as “normal”.

I learned that life is never what you’d expect it to be…

Now that I’m home, where do I go from here?

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Friday Fictioneers: The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done

It’s Friday Fictioneers time! As always, for more information, please visit Rochelle’s blog. If this is your first time reading one of my weekly FF posts, you can find my most recent one here. This week’s photo prompt was taken by Rich Voza.

Rich Voza

“The Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done”

I loved him, I really did but I couldn’t do it anymore. I knew he would never let me leave him and I didn’t know what he would do when he realized I was gone. A tear trickled down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away, peeking around to be sure that nobody noticed.

It was the first time I’d seen a sunrise in as long as I could remember. Some people live for those moments, when the morning sun crests up over the horizon, but this was different. I had been planning it for several months and nobody suspected a thing. Dallas to Sao Paulo and I would finally be safe.

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Friday Fictioneers: My Comfort

Happy Friday everyone! If you’re a regular follower you’ve probably already caught me…today isn’t actually Friday (I’m going to pre-date this post). We’ve had a rough week at home with C. We spent the earlier part of the week trying to recover from being sick and the latter part of the week dealing with the worst sleep and behavior issues we’ve ever encountered with our daughter. I posted earlier in the week about the importance of taking time for yourself. I could not have made it through this week without that little break. Having said that, I’ve been participating in Friday Fictioneers led by a local (to me) author Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Every week she posts a photo prompt and challenges bloggers to think creatively to write short (100 word) stories inspired by the photo. This week’s photo was taken (and also created) by Claire Fuller. This week I present to you: “My Comfort“.

copyright-claire-fullerPhoto Credit: Claire Fuller

“My Comfort”

It was a dark, cold, lonely winter evening as we drove through the snow-covered hills trying to find a place to call home for the night.

Low on gas but high on faith, we were certain we’d find something before total darkness blinded our path.

Out of nowhere a deer darted mere inches away from us. She swerved to avoid it plunging the car off the side of the hill and into a pocket of snow.

Darkness fell upon us and there we were.


It was at that point that I realized all we really had in this life was each other.

She was my rock, my comfort.

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Friday Fictioneers: “The Music Keeper”

As you know, I’ve been participating in Friday Fictioneers for the last few weeks and I love it. Not only does it push me to think creatively but it’s also nice to be able to read what other people come up with based on the same photo prompt. If you’re not familiar with how this works or if you’ve never heard of FF, you can find more information on Rochelle’s blog. If you’re interested in reading my most recent FF posts, you can find them here: “708 Fulton” and “Gone“. This week’s photo was taken by Roger Cohen and features two double bass instruments which were the inspiration for my story…


Photo by Roger Cohen

“The Music Keeper”

As a child, Samantha had dreams of becoming a dancer. The ballet was magical and classical music spoke to her soul.

“Too big,” They said.

“Uncoordinated,” They critiqued.

“Never,” They told her.

Feeling crushed, she grabbed a bow and picked up her mother’s string bass. It came from deep within her soul, through her heart, down her arms, and out of her finger tips as she played Concerto in D Major.

She felt empowered. She felt at peace. She closed her eyes and felt the music feed her soul. It was beautiful and it was hers.

She was the music keeper.


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Friday Fictioneers (Mystery): “Gone”

Last week, I posted my first ever Friday Fictioneers story. If you’re unfamiliar, FF is a group of bloggers who come together once a week to share short stories. Led by a local (to me) author Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, FF are given a photo prompt and are challenged to write a 100 word (give or take) story inspired by the picture. You can find more information here. Below is my story for this week…

Lora Mitchell Photo

Photo Copyright: Lora Mitchell


She awoke suddenly in the middle of the night, beads of sweat falling from her chest. An unexpected power outage had left the entire area with little reprieve from the blistering heat.

Boom, Pop, Crack

She ran outside. The sight of fireworks across the water, normally a celebratory sight, offered little comfort. “There is something unsettling about loud sounds in the middle of the night,” she thought. She went back inside, uncomfortable, prepared for a restless night’s sleep.

The bright morning sun glistened through the window. The sound of birds chirping was a beautiful melody. Still no power.

Waves from an incoming boat crashed against the dock. An unexpected visitor. The man was frantic, “They’re gone,” he said.

“Who?” she asked.


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Friday Fictioneers: “708 Fulton”

A little over a month ago I read a post by one of my readers (Hi, R!) that inspired me to follow suit. Every Friday, a group of bloggers get together to each write a short 100 word story prompted by a photo. You can find more information (including link up details) here. I’m not going to promise that I’ll do this every week but I’m going to try to challenge myself to participate often because I love creative writing. Here we go…


Copyright Jean L. Hays

708 Fulton

I stare at the vacant streets. Quiet calm encompasses the air and it suddenly all makes sense.

The start of my relationship with him was beautiful. I was invincible and ready to take the world by storm. He was successful, smart, sexy, and charming.

I gave him everything I had, heart and soul. He was my refuge, my comfort, my home. Then he was gone.

Where do I go from here? I am tired but I am strong. Today is Sunday and my heart is closed for business.

It’s time to start loving me.